Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt family tree

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As with most Ancient Egyptian royal dynasties, the family tree for the Twelfth Dynasty is complex and unclear.

Senusret Neferet
Double crown.svgAmenemhat I Neferitatjenen
Double crown.svgSenusret I Neferu III
Double crown.svgAmenemhat II Senet
Amenemhatankh Ita Itawaret Khenmet Khenemetneferhedjet I Neferet II Double crown.svgSenusret II
Neferthenut Khnemetneferhedjet II Double crown.svgSenusret III Meretseger Sithathoriunet Itakayt
Hetepti Aat Double crown.svgAmenemhat III Khenemetneferhedjet III Sithathor Menet Senetsenebtysy Meret
Double crown.svgAmenemhat IV Neferuptah[1] Double crown.svgSobekneferu Hathorhotep


  1. ^ Possibly daughter of Senusret III
  • Grajetzki, Wolfram (2005) Ancient Egyptian Queens – a hieroglyphic dictionary