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The twelve-string bass is an electric bass with three courses on each of four strings.

Normal tuning is eeE-aaA-ddD-ggG, with one string of each course tuned similarly to the corresponding string of the four-string bass, and the remaining two strings tuned to the octave.

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Other bass guitars with twelve strings[edit]

Although the model most commonly known as "the 12-string bass" is as described above, several other bass guitars with a total of twelve strings have been built to rarer or unique specifications.

Six-course bass[edit]

A bass with six courses each of two strings was played by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. This instrument was made by Hugh Manson.

Twelve-course bass[edit]

Basses have been built with twelve single-string courses, and various tunings. These are not normally played as a conventional bass guitar, but rather both hands are used on the fretboard.

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Six-course bass[edit]