Twelve Red Herrings

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Twelve Red Herrings
First edition (UK)
AuthorJeffrey Archer
CountryUnited Kingdom
Publication date
July 1994

Twelve Red Herrings (or 12 Red Herrings) is a 1994 short story collection by British writer and politician Jeffrey Archer. Archer challenges his readers to find "twelve red herrings", one in each story. The book reached #3 in the Canadian best-sellers (fiction) list.[1] J. K. Sweeney from Magill Book Reviews (01/01/1995) reviews the stories as "An attempt, it must be said, which is of such a nature that quite often the author succeeds in the effort."[2]

For the story "One Man's Meat..." the reader is offered the choice of four different endings: "Rare", "Burnt", "Overdone" and "À Point". Sweeney from Magill Book Reviews comments on this: "Each of the conclusions is quite plausible, although the average reader may find one far more convincing that the others--a circumstance which the author no doubt anticipated with a certain degree of relish."[2]


The book contains 12 stories.

  • "Trial and Error"
  • "Cheap at Half The Price"*
  • "Dougie Mortimer's Right Arm"*
  • "Do Not Pass Go"*
  • "Chunnel Vision"*
  • "Shoeshine Boy"*
  • "You'll Never Live to Regret It"*
  • "Never Stop on the Motorway"*
  • "Not for Sale"
  • "Timeo Danaos"*
  • "An Eye for an Eye"*
  • "One Man's Meat..."

In the preface the author notes that the stories indicated with an asterisk are "based on known incidents (some of them embellished with considerable licence)."

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