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Cover of twen magazine #3 1963, art direction by Willy Fleckhaus
Table of contents, twen magazine #3, 1963, art direction by Willy Fleckhaus

Twen was a West German magazine that was published from 1959 to 1971, and known for its innovative design and typography.[1][2]

History and profile[edit]

Twen was launched in 1959 as a bimonthly magazine[3] and the first issue appeared in April 1959.[4] The founders were Hans A. Nikel and Hans Hermann.[5] However, there is another report citing the founders as Adolf Theobald and Stephen Wolf.[4] In September 1961 the magazine became a monthly publication.[3] Willy Fleckhaus was Twen's art director throughout its existence.[1][2] Notable photographers included Christa Peters.[6]

Twen was pitched at "people in their twenties, from 15 to 30", thus its name, Twen.[2] It was read in both West and East Germany.[4] The magazine folded with the June 1971 issue.[4]


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