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Twente One
chassis of Twente One
Driving wheel of Twente One

The Twente One is the second solar car developed by the University of Twente and Saxion University (at Enschede, Deventer and Apeldoorn) in 2007, and succeeds the SolUTra. It was designed to participate in the 2007 World Solar Challenge.

Its main innovations were a pivoting solar screen that follows the angle of the sun, and a system of fresnel lenses that focus the sunlight onto a solar panel with a system to adjust the panel so that the maximum amount of light from the lenses shines on the individual solar cells.

The Twente One came in on the fifth place in the 2007 World solar Challenge.

Specifications Twente One[edit]

Length 5000mm
Width 1800mm
Height 1400mm
Weight (excluding Driver) <230 kg
Number of wheels 3
Characteristics Pivoting solar panel & lens system with Fresnel lenses and movable solar cells
Top-speed 120 km/h
Solar cells 2073 Gallium-Arsenide Triple Junction, area 6m²
Efficiency of solar cells >27%
Motor In-Wheel Direct Drive Electric Motor NGM/CSIRO 95%-99%
Battery 30 kg Lithium Polymer
Control Steering wheel from aluminium tube with a width like a CD-box, and with quick-release
Bodywork Carbon fibre sandwich construction
Chassis Box-construction from aluminium plate-work, connected through high quality aluminium milled parts, roller-bars from chrome-molybdenum-steel
Fore-wheel suspension Double A-arm construction from chrome-molybdenum-steel, horizontal racing shock absorbers, lightweight aluminium rims, ceramic bearings
Hind-wheel suspension Trailing-arm construction of chrome-molybdenum-steel
Tires Bridgestone/Maxxis radial 14 inch (slicks)
Brakes Brake-discs with aerospace braking-hoses in the front, regenerative braking in the back
Rolling friction one tenth that of a normal car
Air friction one fifth that of a normal car
Telemetry Wireless connection with following car, car transmits about 200 measuring signals
Crew One team-member

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