Twentieth Century Eightball

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Twentieth Century Eightball is a book collection of comics by Daniel Clowes published by Fantagraphics Books in 2002. It consists of numerous short pieces originally published in Clowes's Eightball comic book and other venues. Most of the contents previously appeared in the earlier, out-of-print collections Lout Rampage! and Orgy Bound, but the book also includes eight new stories.


  1. Little Enid
  2. Title Story
  3. Art School Confidential
  4. Cool Your Jets
  5. Ectomorph
  6. The Truth
  7. Ink Studs
  8. The Stroll
  9. Devil Doll?
  10. Needledick the Bugfucker
  11. Feldman
  12. I Hate You Deeply
  13. Zubrick and Pogeybait
  14. Frankie and Johnnie
  15. Marooned on a Desert Island with the People from the Subway
  16. Just Another Day
  17. Hippypants and Peace Bear
  18. Zubrick
  19. Chicago
  20. Why I Hate Christians
  21. Pogeybait
  22. On Sports
  23. Sexual Frustration
  24. The Operator
  25. A Message to the People of the Future
  26. The Happy Fisherman
  27. Give it Up!
  28. Grist for the Mill
  29. Ugly Girls
  30. Curtain of Sanity
  31. Playful Obsession
  32. Squirrel Girl and Candypants
  33. Paranoid
  34. I Love You Tenderly
  35. The Party
  36. The Sensual Santa
  37. My Suicide
  38. Eightball
  39. Man-Child
  40. Wallace Wood
  41. Tits
  42. Tom Pudd
  43. Grip Glutz and Shamrock Squid
  44. You
  45. About the Author