Twenty-Four Eyes

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Twenty-Four Eyes
Niju-shi no Hitomi poster.jpg
Twenty-four Eyes original movie poster
Directed by Keisuke Kinoshita
Produced by Ryotaro Kuwata
Written by Keisuke Kinoshita
Based on a novel by Sakae Tsuboi
Starring Hideko Takamine
Distributed by Shochiku
Release date
September 15, 1954 (Japan)
Running time
154 min.
Language Japanese
Photograph taken within the film of teacher Hisako Ōishi and her twelve first-grade students.

Twenty-Four Eyes (二十四の瞳, Nijū-shi no Hitomi), based on the 1952 novel of the same name by Sakae Tsuboi, is a 1954 Japanese film directed by Keisuke Kinoshita.


The movie follows the career of a schoolteacher named Hisako Ōishi (played by Hideko Takamine) in Shōdoshima during the rise and fall of Japanese ultra-nationalism in the beginning of the Shōwa period. The narrative begins in 1928 with the teacher's first class of first grade students and follows her through 1946.



The film has been released on DVD in the United Kingdom as part of the Masters of Cinema Collection from Eureka! video and in the US as part of The Criterion Collection.

A 1987 color remake was directed by Yoshitaka Asama.

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