Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt family tree

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The family tree of the 26th Dynasty is just as complex and unclear as earlier dynasties. This dynasty possibly traced its origins to the Saite 24th Dynasty, and scholars now start the dynasty with the reign of Psamtik I, sometimes referrings to the previous rulers – Ammeris to Necho I – as "proto-Saites". The rule of the family of Necho I and Psamtik I ends with the death of Apries, who was replaced by Amasis II, originally a general, and not of the royal house at all. Amasis and his son Psamtik III are the final rulers of the 26th Dynasty.

(24th Dynasty)
Double crown.svgAmmeris
Double crown.svgTefnakht II
Double crown.svgNekaubaDouble crown.svgNecho IIstemabet
MehytenweskhetDouble crown.svgPsamtik ITakheredentaihetweret?
Nitocris IDouble crown.svgNecho IIKhedebneithirbinet I?
TakhuitDouble crown.svgPsamtik IITjenmuteti
AnkhnesneferibreDouble crown.svgApriesTashereniset B
Tadiasir?TentkhetaDouble crown.svgAmasis IINakhtubasterau
Double crown.svgPsamtik IIINitocris IIAhmose DPasenenkhonsu


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