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Twicetagram album cover.png
Studio album by Twice
Released October 30, 2017 (2017-10-30)
Studio JYPE Studios
Length 44:16
Language Korean
Producer J. Y. Park "The Asiansoul"
Twice chronology
Merry & Happy
Singles from Twicetagram
  1. "Likey"
    Released: October 30, 2017 (2017-10-30)

Twicetagram (stylized as twicetagram) is the first studio album by South Korean girl group Twice. It was released on October 30, 2017 by JYP Entertainment and distributed through Genie Music. The title Twicetagram is in reference to their official Instagram account of the same name.[2][3]

The title track "Likey", a future electro-pop single, was composed by Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Gun. It is the group's fourth collaboration with Black Eyed Pilseung. Several composers and songwriters participated in the album including the Korean members of Twice as lyricists and former Wonder Girls' member Hyerim who co-composed the eighth track titled "Look at Me".[4][5]

The reissue of Twicetagram, titled Merry & Happy, was released on December 11, 2017.

Background and release[edit]

It was revealed in early September 2017 that Twice filmed a new music video in Vancouver, Canada. On September 25, JYP Entertainment confirmed that the group would be releasing a new Korean album in late October though the exact date was still undecided.[6][7][8] On October 15, a surprise trailer for the upcoming album was shown to fans during the second day of the group's two-day fan meeting—a commemoration of the two year anniversary of their debut. It was officially announced the next day that the comeback was scheduled to be released on October 30 with Twice's first full-length album named Twicetagram, a social-media-inspired album, and its title track titled "Likey".[9][10][11] The first group image teaser was uploaded online four days later.[12][13]

Twicetagram contains thirteen tracks including songs written by some members of Twice. A sneak peek of two songs from the album titled "Turtle" and "You in My Heart", along with member Sana's narration part in "Jaljayo Good Night", were first unveiled on October 20.[14][15][16]

The album, along with the music video for the lead single, was officially released on October 30 as a digital download on various music sites while the physical album was released the following day.[17][18][19]


On October 10, 2017, it was announced that Twice would film an episode of Weekly Idol as start of their full scale activities for the album.[20]

Prior to the release of Twicetagram, Twice held a media showcase for the album at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. It was then followed by a live showcase broadcast through Naver V Live, two hours after dropping the album online, where they performed "Likey" and "Turtle" for the first time, as well as hit songs from their previous albums including "Cheer Up", "TT", "Knock Knock" and more.[21][22][23]

Reception and commercial performance[edit]

Twicetagram was included on Billboard's 20 Best K-pop Albums of 2017. It placed at No. 19 and was described as "an entire collection of incredible bubblegum hits".[24]

The album and its lead single "Likey" debuted atop both Billboard's World Albums and World Digital Song Sales respectively—the group's first number 1, making Twice the first female K-pop act to lead on both charts. They also rose on the Heatseekers Albums as the album debuted at number 10, one position higher than Signal's peak at number 11.[25][26][27]

It reached 100,000 unit sales within three days of its release, becoming the fastest-selling album by a K-pop girl group since 2002, with over 129,000 copies sold in its first week.[28][29][30][a] It is also the best-selling K-pop girl group album of 2017, which sold 320,389 copies at year-end.[32]

Track listing[edit]

  • Black Eyed Pilseung
  • Jeon Gun
2."Turtle" (거북이; Geobugi)Jeong Ho-hyun ( Ho-hyun ( Ho-hyun (
3."Missing U"
  • earattack
  • Dahyun
  • Chaeyoung
  • earattack
  • Yooki
  • Mafly
  • Ponde
  • Lee Mi-so
  • Kako
  • Pop Time
  • Kriz
Pop Time3:01
  • Reign Write
6."Ding Dong"Jowul
Antti Hynninen3:32
  • Nayeon
  • Jihyo
Caesar & Loui3:36
8."Look at Me" (날 바라바라봐; Nal Barabarabwa)
  • Frants
  • Hyerim
  • earattack
  • Yooki
  • Fox Stevenson
  • earattack
10."Love Line"Jeongyeon
  • Darren Smith
  • Tammy Infusino
Darren "Baby Dee Beats" Smith3:17
11."Don't Give Up" (힘내!; Himnae!)Chaeyoung
  • Chris Wahle
  • Thomas Harsem
  • Andreas Ohrn
Chris Wahle2:58
12."You in My Heart" (널 내게 담아; Neol Naege Dama)
  • Jeong Ho-hyun (
  • Choi Hyun-jun (
  • Jeong Ho-hyun (
  • Choi Hyun-jun (
  • Jeong Ho-hyun (
  • Choi Hyun-jun (
13."Jaljayo Good Night" (잘자요 굿나잇; Jaljayo Gunnait)Kevin Oppa (mr. cho)Kevin Oppa (mr. cho)Kevin Oppa (mr. cho)4:23
Total length:44:16

Content production[edit]

Credits adapted from album liner notes.[34]



  • J. Y. Park "The Asiansoul" – producer
  • Black Eyed Pilseung – co-producer
  • Jeon Gun – co-producer
  • Lee Ji-young – direction and coordination (A&R)
  • Kim Yeo-joo (Jane Kim) – music (A&R)
  • Park Sun-hyeong – music (A&R)
  • Kim Ji-hyeong – production (A&R)
  • Choi A-ra – production (A&R)
  • Lee Eun-hee – album art directing and design (A&R)
  • Kim Tae-eun – web design (A&R)
  • Choi Hye-jin – recording, mixing and assistant mixing engineer
  • Eom Se-hee – recording and assistant mixing engineer
  • Jang Han-soo – recording and assistant mixing engineer
  • Jeong Ho-hyun – recording engineer, all instruments and keyboard (on "Turtle" and "You in My Heart")
  • Earattack – recording engineer, and all instruments and computer programming (on "Missing U" and "Rollin'")
    • bass (on "Missing U"), background vocals (on "Rollin'") and director (on "Don't Give Up")
  • Jeong Gyu-chang – recording engineer
  • Kevin Oppa (mr. cho) – recording engineer, vocals producer (on "Love Line"), computer programming, piano and digital editing (on "Jaljayo Good Night")
  • Frants – recording engineer, all instruments and computer programming (on "Look at Me")
  • Lee Tae-seob – mixing engineer
  • Lim Hong-jin – mixing and assistant mixing engineer
  • Staytuned – mixing engineer
  • Yoon Won-kwon – mixing engineer
  • Jossi Ahjussi – mixing engineer
  • Jeon Bu-yeon – assistant mixing engineer
  • Bae So-yoon – assistant mixing engineer
  • Chris Gehringer – mastering engineer
  • Kwon Nam-woo – mastering engineer
  • Naive Production – video director
  • Kim Young-jo – video executive producer
  • Yoo Seung-woo – video executive producer
  • Choi Pyeong-gang – video co-producer
  • Jeong Ji-eun at Agency VOTT – photographer
  • Choi Hee-seon at F. Choi – style director
  • Lim Ji-hyeon at F. Choi – style director
  • Son Eun-hee at Lulu – hair director
  • Jung Nan-young at Lulu – hair director
  • Choi Ji-young at Lulu – hair director
  • Jo Sang-ki at Lulu – makeup director
  • Zia at Lulu – makeup director
  • Jeon Dal-lae at Lulu – makeup director
  • Yoon Hee-so – choreographer
  • Kang Da-sol – choreographer
  • Freemind Youngjundasom – choreographer
  • Park Yo-han – choreographer
  • Yoon Dong-hwan – choreographer
  • Today Art – printing
  • Rado – all instruments, computer programming and background vocals (on "Likey")
  • Jihyo of Twice – background vocals (on "Likey", "Ding Dong" and "Love Line")
  • Nayeon of Twice – background vocals (on "Likey")
  • Choi Hoon – bass (on "Turtle" and "You in My Heart")
  • Yoon Tae-woong – guitar (on "Turtle" and "You in My Heart")
  • Kim Yoon-ji – chorus (on "Turtle")
  • Kim Jong-seong – guitar (on "Missing U")
  • Nam Joo – background vocals (on "Missing U", "FFW" and "Rollin'")
  • Jeong Yoo-ra at Cassette08 – digital editing (on "Missing U", "Rollin'" and "Don't Give Up")
  • Jeong Dong-hwan & Park Ji-yong & Nusoul – keyboards (on "Wow")
  • Kriz – background vocals (on "Wow")
  • Park Gi-tae – guitar (on "Wow")
  • NAOtheLAIZA – all instruments and computer programming (on "FFW")
  • Antti Hynninen – all instruments and computer programming (on "Ding Dong")
  • Caesar & Loui – all instruments and computer programming (on "24/7")
  • Jowul – vocal director and background vocals (on "24/7")
  • Oh Han-sol – background vocals (on "Look at Me")
  • Hyerim – background vocals (on "Look at Me")
  • Fox Stevenson – all instruments and computer programming (on "Rollin'")
  • Bin – background vocals (on "Rollin'" and "Don't Give Up")
  • Darren Smith – all instruments and computer programming (on "Love Line")
  • Chris Wahle – all instruments and computer programming (on "Don't Give Up")
  • Kim So-ri – chorus (on "You in My Heart")
  • Kim Jun-soo – guitar (on "Jaljayo Good Night")
  • Lee Da-jeong – background vocals (on "Jaljayo Good Night")



Year Award Category Result Ref.
2018 32nd Golden Disc Awards Disc Daesang Nominated [40]
Disc Bonsang Won [41]
7th Gaon Chart Music Awards Album of the Year – 4th Quarter Nominated [42]

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format Distributor Ref.
Worldwide October 30, 2017 Digital download
South Korea
October 31, 2017 CD
Thailand June 8, 2018
(Thailand edition)
CD and DVD


  1. ^ S.E.S final studio album had sold 360,611 by the end of March 2002 and sold 78,740 during March 2002. Therefore, it sold 281,871 copies from its release date of February 14 through February 28, 2002.[31]


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