Twilight (Cabot novel)

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Twilight by Meg Cabot cover.jpg
2005 edition cover
Author Meg Cabot
Country United States
Language English
Series The Mediator
Genre Young adult novel, Romance, Supernatural
Publisher Avon Books
Publication date
December 2004
Media type Print
Preceded by Haunted

Twilight is a young adult novel written by author Meg Cabot and was published by Avon Books in 2004. In the UK, it was published with the title Heaven Sent.

Plot Summary[edit]

In the final installment of The Mediator series, Suze fights for the love of her life, Jesse. When Paul reveals he has found a way to time travel, another gift all Mediators share, he tells Suze he plans on going back to Jesse's time to save him from his murder, thus altering time so that Suze and Jesse will never meet and meaning Paul is able to have Suze to himself.

On the night when Paul "shifts" and travels through the fourth dimension (time travel), Suze accidentally travels as well back to Jesse's time when he was alive and meets up with Paul and hides in the O'Neils' barn (friends of the De Silvas). After she goes to the outhouse, Paul finds her and bounds and gags her before going to find Felix Diego, Jesse's murderer. Just when she gives up and convinces herself that Jesse deserves to live, the Alive Jesse stumbles upon her in the barn and unties her. Suze tries to convince him that she is a Mediator from the future and that he is in danger, telling him that Felix Diego is out to kill him and how they met 150 years after his death. At first, he thinks she is delusional and is angered by her accusations about Maria and Diego. However, he is finally convinced when Suze tells him how he wants to become a doctor but can't on account of his parents; something he had never told anyone. Suze then tells him he must go to save himself, but Alive Jesse refuses. He asks why she traveled back to save him and, although she wants to say because of her love for him, she says what happened to him wasn't right.

Paul comes back and finds out Alive Jesse knows about everything. Paul attempts to convince Jesse that Diego was too dangerous and that he should leave, but Alive Jesse insists that he will stop Diego, prompting Paul to literally doze off. Alive Jesse again asks Suze why she is helping him, to which she responds, "Because it's what I do." Alive Jesse asks if she does this for all who die before their time to which her answer is no, but that his is a "special" case. Alive Jesse admires her bravery just before Diego shows up.

Jesse and Diego fight. Diego grabs Suze and holds a knife to her throat, threatening to kill her and causing Jesse to drop his weapon. Diego throws Suze to the side and lunges at him; however, Jesse throws Diego off a ledge, snapping his neck. Suze lands on a lantern during her fall, breaking it and starting a fire, and becomes trapped in a circle of fire. Jesse jumps through the flames to Suze despite Paul's protests and tells her they have to jump to safety. Paul yells to Suze that he will meet her "on the other side" and is going to shift back to present time. While Jesse and Suze jump, in midair, she shifts and (due to holding Jesse's hand) brings him back to present times along with her, causing him to slip into a coma and slowly die. This causes Paul to realize that Suze is right; some events in time aren't to be messed with.

While Jesse's body is in a hospital, Father D shows up and Paul and Suze explain what happened. Father D tells Paul to make amends with his grandfather (who Paul tricked into giving him the time travel information) and tells Suze not to be too hard on Paul, since he thought he was doing "good", bringing her to say he was only thinking of robbing her of Jesse. He reminds her that Jesse would have to leave her one-day anyway since he was a ghost and that saving him in the past would have been a better option. Father D leaves and Suze begins to sob before Ghost Jesse comes to her.

Suze explains how she went back into time to save him and successfully prevented his murder, but that she accidentally brought him back to present times and this means "goodbye." Just as Ghost Jesse leans in to give her a final kiss, his hand brushes his body's leg (the one in the coma) and he begins to glow before being sucked into the body and disappearing.

Believing Jesse to be gone forever, Suze begins to weep. Father D shows up to comfort her when he suddenly tells her to look at Jesse's body. She notices Jesse's hand tightening around her own and sees color in his skin. His eyelids open and he removes the oxygen mask and says..."querida"

After a few days, Jesse, now alive in 21st century, takes Suze for a dance. She reconciles with Paul and Jesse and Suze share a dance. She catches a glimpse of her father and excuses herself from Jesse. She thanks her dad when suddenly her dad fades. He asks her to be good and goes to his afterlife. Suze is sad, now she won't see her dad again, when Jesse comes and asks if he is gone. Absentmindedly she says yes when she realizes that her boyfriend Jesse is also a mediator. Upon asking if it is true, he pulls her towards him, calls her "querida" and shares a sweet moment together.

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