Twilight (Hunter novel)

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First edition cover, featuring Crowfeather[1]
Author Erin Hunter
Cover artist Wayne McLoughlin
Country United States
Language English
Series Warriors: The New Prophecy
Genre Children's literature
Fantasy novel
Publisher HarperTrophy
Publication date
August 22, 2006
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 336
ISBN 978-0-06-082764-9
Preceded by Starlight
Followed by Sunset

Twilight is a children's fantasy novel in the Warriors novel series written by Erin Hunter, a pseudonym used by multiple authors. It is the fifth book in the series The New Prophecy and continues the cat clans' adventures while seeking a new home. It was generally well received by critics.

Plot summary[edit]

WindClan and ThunderClan are still suffering from Mudclaw's and Hawkfrost's attack on WindClan, as ThunderClan supports them in battle but they pay the price with wounds. Mudclaw dies from a tree being struck by lightning falling on him. coincidentally making a path to the island where they hold gatherings. Squirrelflight and Ashfur grow much closer as Squirrelflight's relationship with Brambleclaw deteriorates because of his views of his half-brother Hawkfrost. Onewhisker travels to the Moonpool, earning his nine lives and leader name, becoming Onestar.

Later in the book, Daisy, one of the farm cats, takes her three kits, Berry, Hazel, and Mouse, to join ThunderClan after Daisy witnesses the humans taking Floss' kits away. Leafpool deals with her forbidden love with Crowfeather, and struggles with her feelings; she must choose between her heart and her Clan. Throughout the book, Leafpool and Crowfeather secretly meet each other. Cinderpelt finally confronts Leafpool when she is seen with Crowfeather. The two medicine cats fight, and Leafpool decides to run away from the Clans with Crowfeather after Spottedleaf tells her to follow her heart. After a long night alone in the hills, Leafpool and Crowfeather return to the Clans after hearing of a badger attack on the Clans from Midnight.

During the fight, Sorreltail suddenly starts to have her kits and Cinderpelt stays to help her. Although Sorreltail gives birth to four healthy kits, Cinderpelt is killed by a badger while protecting her. ThunderClan begins to lose the battle, but WindClan joins in to help, summoned by Midnight. Together, the two Clans manage to drive the badgers away. Crowfeather and Leafpool decide to not meet again because Leafpool needs to help her Clan and their being together was forbidden because Leafpool is a medicine cat and so cannot have a mate.

Critical reception[edit]

Twilight received a warm reception from critics. In one review by Barnes & Noble, the novel was praised for being eventful.[2] A BookLoons reviewer also gave a positive review,[3] but a Children's Literature reviewer said the story was confusing without background information.[2]


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