Twilight (comic book)

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For other comics-related items of the same name, see Twilight (comics).
Twilight #1, art by José Luis García-López
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Schedule Monthly
Format Mini-series
Publication date December 1990 - February 1991
Number of issues 3
Main character(s) Tommy Tomorrow
Star Rovers
Creative team
Writer(s) Howard Chaykin
Artist(s) José Luis García-López
Letterer(s) Ken Bruzenak
Colorist(s) Steve Oliff
Creator(s) Howard Chaykin
José Luis García-López
Editor(s) Kevin Dooley
Andy Helfer

Twilight is a three issue prestige format mini-series by Howard Chaykin and José Luis García-López published in 1990 by DC Comics.


It attempted to bring in all of DC future science/space characters, many originally from the 1950s and 1960s, into one series (despite the fact that many occurred in different time periods). It was another radical revamp of DC characters, including Tommy Tomorrow, Star Rovers, Star Hawkins, Space Ranger, Manhunter 2070 and Space Cabbie. Tommy Tomorrow is presented as an unbalanced individual who ran the Planeteers very autocratically, using them against his enemies, such as their rivals, the Knights of the Galaxy.

See also[edit]

Twilight of the Superheroes, a proposal by Alan Moore which is sometimes referred to as Twilight. Like Chaykin's series, it crosses over many DC characters (though not specifically science/space characters) and presents many of them as unbalanced or debased.