Twilight Peak

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Twilight Peak
Twilight Peak from the Million Dollar Highway
Highest point
Elevation13,163 ft (4,012 m) [1][2]
Prominence2,338 ft (713 m) [2]
Isolation4.88 mi (7.85 km) [2]
Coordinates37°39′47″N 107°43′37″W / 37.6630537°N 107.7270075°W / 37.6630537; -107.7270075Coordinates: 37°39′47″N 107°43′37″W / 37.6630537°N 107.7270075°W / 37.6630537; -107.7270075[3]
Twilight Peak is located in Colorado
Twilight Peak
Twilight Peak
Location in Colorado
LocationSan Juan County, Colorado, U.S.[3]
Parent rangeSan Juan Mountains,
Highest summit of the
West Needle Mountains[2]
Topo mapUSGS 7.5' topographic map
Snowdon Peak, Colorado[3]

Twilight Peak is the highest summit of the West Needle Mountains range of the San Juan Mountains System in southwestern Colorado.

The prominent 13,163-foot (4,012 m) peak is located in the Weminuche Wilderness of San Juan National Forest, 10.7 miles (17.3 km) south-southwest (bearing 199°) of the Town of Silverton in San Juan County.[1][2][3]


The standard approach to Twilight Peak is via a trail from Molas Pass to the north. The trail leads to Crater Lake from where the summit is accessible. Adjacent to Twilight Peak are North Twilight Peak (13,075 feet) and South Twilight Peak (12,932 feet).

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