Twillingate Islands

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Twillingate Islands is located in Newfoundland
Twillingate Islands
Twillingate Islands
Location of Twillingate Islands in Newfoundland

Twillingate Islands (French "Toulinquet") are a group of islands in Notre Dame Bay of the Island of Newfoundland in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The islands are mainly two islands, North Twillingate Island and South Twillingate Island and several smaller islands which lie in close proximity to those, the largest of those is Burnt Island.

The southern island is connected to New World Island via a causeway. The northern island is connected to the southern island by Tickle Bridge, which runs along Main Street in the town. The actual town of Twillingate is located on both islands.

The communities on the northern Twillingate island are:

The communities on the southern Twillingate island are:

South Twillingate Island seen from the hill of the Durrell Museum
Map of Twillingate Islands

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Coordinates: 49°38′26″N 54°44′16″W / 49.64056°N 54.73778°W / 49.64056; -54.73778