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Twin Cities Daily Planet
Available in English
Owner Twin Cities Media Alliance
Slogan(s) Local news for global citizens

The Twin Cities Daily Planet is an independent website specializing in news events in the Minneapolis – Saint Paul metropolitan area. The Twin Cities Daily Planet is an edited news source produced by professional journalists working in collaboration with citizen journalists from the local community. It publishes original reported news articles, articles republished from other local and ethnic media partners, and some content (Free Speech Zone articles, blog entries, comments) that is moderated but not edited, including posts published by affiliated local and neighborhood blogs.[1] The Daily Planet describes itself as a purveyor of "hyperlocal journalism."[2]

In 2009, the Daily Planet won overall Minnesota honors as the "best independent online news website" in the annual list of Page One honors bestowed by the Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.[3]

In August and September 2015, the Daily Planet went through a massive restructuring in which almost all staff were laid off as part of the newspaper's conversion into a mouthpiece for issues journalism. Some members of the Daily Planet staff went on to found the Twin Cities Arts Reader.[4] This restructure including eliminating the vast majority of the paper's substantial and award-winning performing arts coverage, and ceasing to write critical reviews.


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