Twin City Derby Girls

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Twin City Derby Girls
League logo
Metro area Champaign, IL
Country United States
Founded 2010
Teams Evil Twins
Dead Ringers
Alter Egos
Track type(s) Flat
Affiliations WFTDA

The Twin City Derby Girls (TCDG) are a roller derby league based in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Founded in 2010, the league currently consists of three teams; "Evil Twins" (Travel A), "Dead Ringers" (Travel B), and the "Alter Egos" (C) as well as a new skater program "Doppel Gang." The Twin City Derby Girls are a full member league under the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

Up until December 2013, the Twin City Derby Girls consisted of three league teams (the Damagin' Dames, the 'Paign, and the Boneyard Bombshells) as well as two travel leagues, an A and a B team.

Twin City was established at the beginning of 2010.[1] By the end of the year, it was regularly selling out its venue - for the final bout of the season, it sold out in twelve minutes. As a result, it, moved to the 1,200-seater University of Illinois Ice Arena for the 2011 season.[2] Home games are now played out of Skateland in Savoy, IL and the David S. Palmer Arena in Danville, IL.

The league was accepted into the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Apprentice Program in July 2010,[3] and became a full member of the WFTDA in March 2012.[4]


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