Twin Cobra II

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Twin Cobra II
Kyukyoku Tiger II
Developer(s)Takumi Corporation
Publisher(s)Taito Corporation
Platform(s)Arcade, Sega Saturn
  • JP: November 30, 1995
  • EU: November 30, 1995
  • AS: November 30, 1995
Genre(s)Vertical scrolling shooter
Mode(s)Single player, Cooperative
Arcade systemTaito F3 System
DisplayRaster, vertical orientation, 232x320 resolution

Twin Cobra II, released in Japan as Kyukyoku Tiger II (究極タイガーII, Kyūkyoku Taigā Tsū), is a 1995 scrolling shooter developed by Takumi and published by Taito for the arcades. It is the sequel to Twin Cobra.

The game was in development by Toaplan, but the studio was closed down in 1994. Taito allowed the Toaplan offshoot Takumi to finish the game, as their first release.


Plays similarly to the previous Twin Cobra. There are six stages, and only one loop. Players can now convert normal bombs to powerful "Hyper Bombs" by collecting normal bombs after reaching the full (five) stock of them.

Three weapons, switched with color-changing "P" icon: balanced "Red-Fang", wide-area "Blue-Smasher", and a powerful green weapon unique to each player side. Blue 1P heli has male pilot and the "Thunder-Claw", red 2P heli has female pilot and the "Binchou-Laser". Red and blue weapons require pressing the shoot button rapidly for more power; green weapons don't.

Like most other Toaplan games, non-Japanese versions have a lower difficulty level.

Saturn version[edit]

Kyukyoku Tiger II Plus
Developer(s)Takumi Corporation
Publisher(s)Naxat Soft
Platform(s)Sega Saturn
Genre(s)Vertical scrolling shooter
Mode(s)Single player, Cooperative
In-game screenshot

The Saturn version features an exclusive Saturn Mode with a new stage.

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