Twin Valley School District

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Twin Valley School District
Elverson, Pennsylvania
Berks/Chester County

United States
District information
GradesElementary k-4 Middle School 5-8 High School 9-12
Students and staff
ColorsGreen and White
Other information

Twin Valley School District is centered in Elverson, Pennsylvania. It comprises Five schools, all within half an hour's driving distance of each other. This district is located in Chester and Berks county. The district office is located in Chester County School property tax rates are 23.2 mills in Chester County and 22.0 mills in Berks County.


Twin Valley School District comprises:

  • Twin Valley Elementary Center (Located in Chester County)
  • Robeson Elementary Center
  • Honeybrook Elementary Center (Located in Chester County)
  • Twin Valley Middle School
  • Twin Valley High School

The District office is found in a separate wing of the high school, which can be found sitting atop Clymer Hill. The high school and middle school are easily viewable from the Pennsylvania Turnpike.The district office is located in zip code 19520

The high school, middle school, and Twin Valley Elementary School are located in the middle part of the school district while HoneyBrook Elementary School is in the southern part of the school district and Robeson Elementary School is in the northern part of the school district.

Composition of Classes[edit]


The Elementary schools are located in Robeson Township, Elverson, and Honey Brook. They are operated in the traditional system of one teacher per class teaching English, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. The curriculum is a balanced literacy approach that utilizes authentic text to develop reading and writing skills. Math is taught using the Everyday Math program. The district offers full-day kindergarten to all students. Parents may choose single graded traditional classes or multi-age classes for grades first through fourth. Multi-age classrooms are not available anymore concluding the 2010-2011 school year. The elementary schools also offer gym, art, guidance, library, and music classes.

Middle school[edit]

The Middle School uses the block schedule. Students attend three hour-and-a-half long blocks of their core subjects per day, along with two related arts classes during another hour-and-a-half long period. The core subjects are math, language arts, science, and social studies. The core subjects of math and language arts meet every day for the entire year. The core subjects of science and social studies meet every day for one semester only. Students will have science during one semester and social studies during the other semester. The two forty-five-minute related arts classes run on an even/odd day schedule for one semester only. This allows each student to take four related arts classes in a semester. These four are swapped halfway through the year with a four different related arts classes so that a student may have eight electives to choose from per year. Electives include art, gym, music (band, chorus and/or orchestra), family and consumer sciences, technology education, peer mentoring, MAX, LAX, careers, science exploration, gifted seminar, and a world language. Languages offered are German and Spanish. All the students in the middle school participate in the Raider Pride program for 45 minutes approximately every other week. This student advocation program seeks to improve the overall school community by building relationships between the staff, students, and one another. Students attend the Middle School from fifth to eighth grade. For lunch, students have a half hour lunch.

High school[edit]

The high school also runs on a block schedule, though it comprises four blocks a day in addition to a flex period in which a student will return to one of their classes for additional instruction or do nothing depending on the day. Students are required to take English, Science, Social Studies, Math, Gym, and Health classes in their four-year stay at the High School. Students are otherwise permitted to take multiple electives. There are at least forty electives to choose from, ranging from Agricultural Science classes to TV and Media Classes to Informational Technology classes to Yearbook and Newspaper Classes to Project Lead the Way classes. Languages offered to students are German, French, and Spanish. Chinese is also available. Twin Valley also offers music classes, including Chorus, Band, Jazz Band and Orchestra, all of which have won numerous awards throughout the county.

Grading scale[edit]

The Twin Valley School District utilizes a standards based grading system for students in grade K-6. A traditional percentage grading system is used in grade 7-12.

Alumni[edit] founder and businessman Chad Hurley graduated from Twin Valley, where he was a Cross-country running star and computer genius. Also Kayla Collins (Dusel) Playboy playmate was a 2004 graduate. Ryan Morris, 2014 graduate,(NASCAR Driver), as well as Mat Madiro (Drummer for Trivium, 2014–15).


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