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The Twine logo: A blue vertical line with a green arc that diverges from it.
Original author(s)Chris Klimas[1]
Initial release2009; 12 years ago (2009)[1]
Stable release
2.3.8[2] / 10 May 2020; 8 months ago (2020-05-10)[2]
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inv2.*, JavaScript[3]
v1.*, Python[4]
Operating systemLinux, macOS, Windows, Web application[1]
TypeGame engine, electronic publishing tool
LicenseGPL v3[5]
As of2019-10-07

Twine is a free and open-source tool created by Chris Klimas for making interactive fiction in the form of web pages. It is available on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.[1]


Twine emphasizes the visual structure of hypertext, and does not require knowledge of a programming language as many other game development tools do.[6] It is regarded as a tool which can be used by anyone interested in interactive fiction and experimental games.[7][8]

Twine 2 is a browser-based application written in HTML5 and Javascript, also available as a standalone desktop app; it also supports CSS.[6] It is currently in version 2.3.5, as of October 2019.[1]

Twine became popular in the queer video game scene in 2012–2013.[citation needed]

Notable works[edit]


Twine was used by writer Charlie Brooker in developing the interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.[9]


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