Twining (Washington, D.C.)

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Map of Washington, D.C., with Twining highlighted in red
The intersection of 30th and O St., SE, in Twining, December 2017

Twining is a neighborhood in Southeast Washington, D.C., near the eastern bank of the Anacostia River. It is bounded by Minnesota Avenue NE to the northeast, Branch Avenue to the northwest, and Pennsylvania Avenue to the south. The Fort Dupont year-round ice skating rink, and the Smithsonian's Anacostia Neighborhood Museum are nearby. Also see article on Anacostia.

It is named for Major William Johnson Twining, who served as Military Commissioner of the District of Columbia from 1878 until his death in 1882.

Coordinates: 38°52′17″N 76°57′57″W / 38.8714°N 76.9658°W / 38.8714; -76.9658