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Twinning (making a twin of) may refer to:

  • In biology and agriculture, producing two offspring (i.e., twins) at a time, or having a tendency to do so;
  • Twin towns and sister cities, towns and cities involved in town twinning
  • Twinning institutional building tool
  • eTwinning, a collaboration in which two schools in different locations are paired and communicate using the internet
  • Afri Twin, an exchange partnership between schools in the United Kingdom and South Africa
  • Twinning (roads), construction of one road next to another
  • In crystallography, crystal twinning refers to intergrown crystal forms that display a twin boundary
  • In film, special effects that multiply the presence of the same actor or actress on screen
  • In animation, twinning refers to when two parts on opposite sides of a character's body move the same way
  • A type of transnational education in which a student does part of their degree course in a local private college and part of it in an overseas institution tied to the college
  • Twinning (TV series), a 2015 reality show on VH1