Twins' Love

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Twins' Love
EP by Twins
Released November 22, 2001 (2001-11-22)
Genre Cantopop
Label Emperor Entertainment Group
Twins chronology
Twins (AVEP)
Twins' Love

Twins' Love is an EP by the Cantopop group Twins. Since the first EP Twins (AVEP) was a great success, the Twins released this second CD just 3 months later, in November 2001. It contained 8 songs and 1 music video, "Oi Ching Dong Yap Jun" (愛情當入樽).

CD Content[edit]

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  2. Computer Data Not Playable
  3. "Oi Ching Dong Yap Jun" (愛情當入樽) - (熱播主打) ( Slam Dunking Love)
  4. "Hok Saang Sau Chaak" (學生手冊) (Student Handbook)
  5. "Luen Oi Daai Gwoh Tin" (戀愛大過天) - (接力推介) (Love Bigger Than Sky)
  6. "Fei Sin" (飛線) (Forwarded Call)
  7. "Woh Ping Yat" (和平日) (Peaceful Day)
  8. "Yau Soh Bat Ji" (有所不知) - (Disney卡通"Marie"主題曲) (The theme song of the Disney cartoon Marie) (There's Something You Don't Know)
  9. "Oi Ching Dong Yap Jun" (愛情當入樽) - (熱播主打) (Air Mix) (Slam Dunking Love)
  10. "Woh Ping Yat" (和平日) (We Mix) (The theme song of Fun Fun Show 01) (Peaceful Day)
  11. "Nui Haau Naam Sang" (女校男生) - (人氣焦點主打) (Back to School Mix) (Girls` School, Male Student)