Twirl (chocolate bar)

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Product typeConfectionery
CountryUnited Kingdom
IntroducedUnited Kingdom United Kingdom - June 19, 1984; 34 years ago (1984-06-19)[1]
Related brandsList of Cadbury products
A Twirl split in half

Twirl is a type of chocolate bar currently manufactured by the brand Cadbury United Kingdom. Introduced by Cadbury United Kingdom as a single bar in the early 1970s, it was repackaged in 1984 as a twin bar. Although still produced in the United Kingdom it has been marketed internationally since the 1990s and is now one of the best-selling chocolate single bar Cadbury owns.[1][2] It consists of two Flake-style bars covered in milk chocolate. It's rumoured that the Twirl concept evolved from an over-spill flaw in the Flake manufacturing process.

The Twirl bar also has a snack sized version called Twirl Bites, which come in a bag containing several smaller Twirl like chocolates.

There is also a multipack version containing 4 twin twirl bars. This 4 pack weighs 136 grammes, meaning each bar weighs exactly 34 grammes.

Considering each bar consists of 2 bars, each one is 17 grammes.

There is potential consideration to put each of these individual bars in a box of chocolates and call it 'Box of Twirl', or 'Twirl in a Box', Or the Tiny Box of Twirl.


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