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Del Amitri - Twisted Album Cover.jpg
Studio album by Del Amitri
Released28 February 1995
RecordedHaremere Hall; The Chapel; The Funny Farm; Palladium; Park Lane; Helicon Mountain Recording Studios, March 1994–June 1994
GenreAlternative rock
ProducerAl Clay
Del Amitri chronology
Change Everything
Some Other Sucker's Parade
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]
Q3/5 stars[2]
"The War Against Silence"(favorable)[3]

Twisted is the fourth studio album by Del Amitri, released on 28 February 1995. It reached number three in the UK Albums Chart and was listed by Q Magazine as one of the top 10 best albums of 1995.[4]

It was the last album to feature guitarist David Cummings, who left to begin a successful career in TV scriptwriting, and the only to feature drummer Chris Sharrock, who agreed to play on Twisted but declined to join the band as a permanent member. With a firmer emphasis on electric guitars than the band's last outing, 1992's Change Everything, the album represented a moderate change of direction for Del Amitri, whilst retaining their trademark melodic sensibilities.

The album included Del Amitri's most successful single, "Roll to Me", which reached the top ten in the US Hot 100. The band are known not to consider the song one of their best, however, and have often seemed irked by the fact that what they see as a throwaway pop song gave them their biggest hit. Also included was "Tell Her This", one of the group's most well-known songs.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Justin Currie, except as noted.

  1. "Food for Songs" – 3:38
  2. "Start with Me" (Currie, Iain Harvie) – 4:27
  3. "Here and Now" (Currie, Harvie) – 5:30
  4. "One Thing Left to Do" (Currie, Harvie) – 3:59
  5. "Tell Her This" – 3:11
  6. "Being Somebody Else" (Currie, Harvie) – 6:26
  7. "Roll to Me" – 2:12
  8. "Crashing Down" (Currie, Harvie) – 4:51
  9. "It Might as Well Be You" – 4:34
  10. "Never Enough" (Currie, Harvie) – 5:28
  11. "It's Never Too Late to Be Alone" – 5:05
  12. "Driving with the Brakes On" – 4:44

Initial copies of the UK release of the album included a second live disc (catalog number 588 399-2, which was not made available separately), containing the following songs: "Hatful of Rain", "When I Want You", "Crashing Down", "Move Away Jimmy Blue", "The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere" and "Stone Cold Sober".



"Roll to Me" became their most popular song in the US, peaking at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was less successful in their native UK, peaking at No. 22, lower than previous singles, "Here and Now" and "Driving With the Brakes On". They did even worse with their next single, "Tell Her This" peaking at No. 32 on the UK singles chart.

Here and Now

Released: February 1995 (in two versions)


Version One:

  • "Long Way Down"
  • "Queen of False Alarms"
  • "Crashing Down" (Justin Currie, Iain Harvie)
  • 10" vinyl version included "Someone Else Will"

Version Two:

  • "Stone Cold Sober [Live]"
  • "Always the Last to Know [Live]"
  • "When I Want You [Live]"

Chart positions: No. 21 (UK)

Driving With the Brakes On

Released: May 1995 (in two versions)


Version One:

  • "Life by Mistake"
  • "In the Meantime"
  • "A Little Luck"

Version Two:

  • "Nothing Ever Happens"
  • "Kiss This Thing Goodbye" (Currie, Harvie, Mick Slaven)
  • "Always the Last to Know"

Chart positions: No. 18 (UK)

Roll to Me

Released: 13 June 1995 (two versions in UK, one in US)


UK Version One:

  • "In the Frame"
  • "Food for Songs [Acoustic]"
  • "One Thing Left to Do [Acoustic]" (Currie, Harvie)

UK Version Two:

  • "Spit in the Rain"
  • "Stone Cold Sober [Remix]"
  • "Move Away Jimmy Blue [Remix]" (Currie, Harvie)

US Version:

  • "Long Way Down"
  • "Scared to Live" (Currie, Harvie)
  • "Someone Else Will"

Chart positions: No. 22 (UK), # 10 (US)

Tell Her This

Released: 13 February 1996 (two versions in UK, one in US)


UK Version One:

  • "A Better Man" (Currie, Harvie, Jon McLoughlin)
  • "The Last Love Song"
  • "When You Were Young [Alternative Version]"

UK Version Two:

  • "Whiskey Remorse"
  • "Fred Partington's Daughter"
  • "Learn to Cry [Alternative Version]"

US Version:

  • "Tell Her This [Live]"
  • "Life by Mistake"
  • "In the Frame"

Chart positions: No. 32 (UK)

  • All singles released on A&M Records.
  • All B-sides written by Justin Currie unless specified.

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