Twisted Terror Collection

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Twisted Terror Collection
Warner DVD Line
Industry Home video
Products DVD, Blu-ray
Website [1]

Twisted Terror Collection is a line of horror movies on DVD by Warner Brothers. Initially there were six films released in the collection, all the films with the exception of "Dr. Giggles" never before released on DVD. Each film was available separately or all in a box set. There were plans to release more horror films as part of the line but no news on new releases has emerged and the line is now considered to be defunct. Some of the releases have now gone out-of-print.[1]

Horror fans praised the line for its inclusion of rare horror films, some by famous directors such as John Carpenter ("Someone's Watching Me"), Wes Craven ("Deadly Friend") and Oliver Stone ("The Hand") but the line was criticized for lack of special features and for the fact that the films were all drastically different in tone.[1]

DVD releases[edit]

OOP = out-of-print


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