Twister Falls

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Twister Falls
Twister Falls.jpg
Location Hood River County, Oregon
Coordinates 45°34′55″N 121°51′07″W / 45.582°N 121.852°W / 45.582; -121.852Coordinates: 45°34′55″N 121°51′07″W / 45.582°N 121.852°W / 45.582; -121.852[1]
Type Tiered
Total height 140 feet
Number of drops 3

Twister Falls (also known as Crossover Falls, Crisscross Falls, Bowtie Falls, and Eagle Creek Falls[1]) is a prominent waterfall that is formed as Eagle Creek cascades 140 feet (43 m) into a narrow canyon and forms two streams that appear to "twist" around each other, hence the name "twister". The falls begin with a small sliding cascade that drops 5 feet (1.5 m) over a rocky slope into a pool, followed by some rapids. The next tier is the twisting tier, which plunges 50 feet (15 m). Before this point, a small portion of the stream splits off and makes a sheer plunge of approximately equal height down the canyon. Then, the waters combine and form a final drop of 80 feet (24 m).[2]


The waterfall has not been named by the USGS, but has been called Twister Falls for its unusual nature.

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