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Twistetalsperre Bad Arolsen.jpg
The Twistesee with its dam and restaurant (above the overflow funnel of the flood relief tower) and the village of Wetterburg
Coordinates51°23′02″N 09°03′45″E / 51.38389°N 9.06250°E / 51.38389; 9.06250Coordinates: 51°23′02″N 09°03′45″E / 51.38389°N 9.06250°E / 51.38389; 9.06250
Construction began1971[1]
Opening date1981[1]
Dam and spillways
Height (foundation)23.5 m (77.1 ft)
Height (thalweg)21.5 m (70.5 ft)
Length275 m (902 ft)
Elevation at crest216.5 m (710.3 ft)
Width (crest)6 m (20 ft)
Width (base)135 m (443 ft)
Total capacity430,000 m3 (15,000,000 cu ft)
Active capacity9,100,000 m3 (320,000,000 cu ft) [1]
Catchment area125.1 km²
Surface area76 ha (0.76 km²)[1]
Maximum length2.75 km
Maximum widthca. 300 m
Twistesee panorama

The Twistesee is a reservoir on the Twiste in the county of Waldeck-Frankenberg in North Hesse, Germany.


The Twistesee is located at the northern end of the Langer Wald around 30 km as the crow flies west-northwest of Kassel between Bad Arolsen in the west, Volkmarsen to the northeast and Wolfhagen to the southeast. The reason for its construction was the so-called Henry Flood (Heinrichsflut) on 16/17 July 1965 that caused serious damage and destruction in the catchment areas of the Twiste and Diemel rivers. Near one riverside village, Wetterburg, the Twiste was impounded by a dam to form a very large flood retention basin in order to control the water level.


Among the sights in the vicinity of the Twistesee are:

  • Bad Arolsen, the best known destination near the reservoir.
  • Neu-Berich, a village with an interesting past, near the lake.
  • Landau, somewhat southeast of the reservoir, has an historical old town which is entirely protected, a palace, an historical town church and the Landauer Wasserkunst, an historical water supply system.
  • Near Volkhardinghausen, not far south of the reservoir, stands the French Oak (Franzoseneiche).


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