Two's a Crowd (TV series)

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Two's a Crowd
Also known as Jamais deux sans toi
Les Héritiers Duval
Created by Guy Fournier
Written by Guy Fournier
Directed by Rolland Guay
Geneviève Houle
Pierre-Jean Cuillerrier
Céline Hallée
Royal Marcoux
Yves Mathieu
Starring Jean Besré
Angèle Coutu
Country of origin  Canada
Original language(s) French
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 231
Original network Télévision de Radio-Canada
CBC Television
Original release 28 September 1977 – 7 December 1992

Two's a Crowd (French: Jamais deux sans toi) was a Canadian television sitcom, which aired in French on Télévision de Radio-Canada from 1977 to 1980[1] and from 1990 to 1992,[2] and in English on CBC Television in 1978.[3]


The series starred Jean Besré and Angèle Coutu as Rémi and Francine Duval, an apparently incompatible married couple with two children, Christian (Stéphane L'Écuyer) and Dominique (Valérie Gagné). The cast also included Micheline Lanctôt and Donald Pilon, as well as Serge Thériault as one of the first gay characters in a Quebec television series.[4]

The series was revived by Radio-Canada in 1990, airing until 1992. Cast additions at this time included Antoine Durand as the adult Christian, although Valérie Gagné retained the role of Dominique.

A sequel series titled Les Héritiers Duval aired in 1995 and 1996.[5]


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