Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones

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"Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones"
Single by The Hives
from the album Tyrannosaurus Hives
Released 4 January 2005
Format CD, 7"
Recorded 2004
Genre Garage punk, garage rock
Length 2:00
Label Polydor
Writer(s) Fitzsimmons, Randy
The Hives singles chronology
"Walk Idiot Walk"
"Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones"
"Abra Cadaver"

"Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" is the second single from the album Tyrannosaurus Hives by The Hives. Released as an Enhanced CD with B-side tracks in 2005, "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" was considered a hit for The Hives,[1][2] and appeared on several compilations.


The guitar riff for "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" is borrowed from a song by The Monkees 1966 hit "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone",[3] which was written by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart.[4] The chord sequence, which has been described as being jerky and monotonous by Marc Spitz of Spin magazine,[3] is similar to the song "Kicks" by Paul Revere & the Raiders.[5] "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" has also been said to sound like Devo,[6] and embraces the "garage rock" sound.[3]

Other than appearing on the album, it was released on 4 January 2005,[7] as a 7" single and Enhanced CD along with the songs "Born To Cry" and "Little Lil",[8] both of which did not appear on Tyrannosaurus Hives.[7] "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" was included on the soundtracks of a couple video games, namely the Madden NFL 2005[9] and the MotoGP '06 soundtracks, as well as on several other compilations.

A video for "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" was made,[8] and it was included on the single in QuickTime format.[10]

The Hives also went on tour during the winter of 2004 in order to promote "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" and the release of Tyrannosaurus Hives.[11] The song is generally considered an enjoyable moment in their live performances,[12] where Almqvist's stage antics are found particularly entertaining.[13] "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" remains a favorite among fans.[14]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars[7]

"Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" reached number 44 on the UK "Top 75" charts, during the week of 30 October 2004.[15] The music video debuted on MTV Europe's Top 20 list on 4 December 2004 at number 19.[16] It peaked at number 16 on 18 December 2004, and remained on the charts for 4 weeks, departing on 8 January 2005.[17]

Reviews among critics were mixed; James Snodgrass of NME said "'Two-timing touch and broken bones' might as well be 'too dumb, and Dutch, and broken bones'.[18] Heather Phares of Allmusic liked the speed of the song in comparison with those it was structurally built from, saying that it "cut(s) right to the chase".[5] It has also been said to be a straightforward song which embodies The Hives' sound,[19] and one of the highlights of Tyrannosaurus Hives.[6]

Track list[edit]

Enhanced CD
No. Title Length
1. "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" 2:00
2. "Born to Cry" 2:18
3. "Little Lil" 2:17
4. "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" (music video) -
Total length: 6:35
7" vinyl
No. Title Length
1. "Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones" 2:00
2. "Born to Cry" 2:18
Total length: 4:18
Information on Enhanced CD track listing.[7]
Information on 7" track listing.[20]

Chart performance[edit]

Chart (2004) Peak
UK Top 75 Charts 44[8]
MTV Europe (music video) 16[21]



  • Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio (2004)
  • Tyrannosaurus Hives (2004)
  • Absolute Rock in the UK (2005)
  • Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones (2005)
  • Madden NFL 2005 Soundtrack (2005)
  • MotoGP Soundtrack (2006)
  • Punk Rock (Universal) (2006)
  • UK (2007)
Information on appearances.[22]


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