Two-pore channel

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two pore segment channel 1
Symbol TPCN1
Entrez 53373
HUGO 18182
OMIM 609666
RefSeq NM_017901
UniProt Q9ULQ1
Other data
Locus Chr. 12 q24.21
two pore segment channel 2
Symbol TPCN2
Entrez 219931
HUGO 20820
RefSeq NM_139075
UniProt Q8NHX9
Other data
Locus Chr. 11 q13.1

Two-pore channels are a small family of cation-selective ion channels, with two known paralogs in the human genome.[1] They contain two tandem KV-style six-transmembrane domains fused on one polypeptide chain that form a dimers in the membrane.[2][3] These channels are closely related to CatSper channels and, more distantly, to TRP channels.

TPC channels are found in both animal [4] and plant [5] cells. In mammalian cells, recent evidence has identified the two-pore channels (TPCs) within the endolysosomal system as NAADP-regulated Ca(2+) channels that release organellar Ca(2+) in response to NAADP. The TPCN genes are distinct from the KCNK genes encoding the Tandem pore domain potassium channels.


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