Two Cunts in a Kitchen

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Two C's in a K (for "two cunts in a kitchen"), is slang used within the advertising industry for a type of television commercial and other advertising. Generally, the commercial shows two women in a domestic scene, discussing, using, or otherwise portraying the advertiser's product in a positive manner. This method has been typical for advertising targeted at women, such as commercials for household cleaning products,[1] personal care products[2] or feminine hygiene products.

A 1959 advertisement for Pursettes tampons is a typical example of "two C's in a K": It depicted two women discussing tampons over coffee.[3]


...everyone seems to have walked right out of one of those commercials male Madison Avenue execs sometimes refer to as "Two Cs in a K" — meaning two cunts in a kitchen.

— Stephen King, Danse Macabre (non-fiction, 1981)


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