Two Fingers

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Two Fingers
Amon tobin luxemburg.jpg
Background information
Origin Montreal, Quebec & Brighton, England
Genres Grime, Hip hop, Electronic
Years active 2008–present
Labels Big Dada
Paper Bag Records
Members Amon Tobin
Past members Joe 'Doubleclick' Chapman

Two Fingers is the musical alter-ego of electronic musician Amon Tobin.[1] The first Two Fingers album was a collaboration with fellow electronic producer Doubleclick. The eponymous release came out in 2009 on Paper Bag Records in North America and Big Dada in the United Kingdom. The second album, Stunt Rhythms, was a solo effort by Amon Tobin and was designed by Inventory Studio and released worldwide by Big Dada Recordings in 2012.The two producers, who first met when Tobin was living in Brighton, U.K., got together in Montreal in 2007 over a series of tracks that were partially an extension of their previous collaborations — exemplified by the dense, pummeling 2003 track "Ownage" — but in general a fundamentally new and dynamic direction incorporating visceral elements of dancehall, dubstep, and grime. Following the singles "That Girl" and "What You Know," the group's self-titled debut was released in spring 2009, featuring vocals from dancehall star Ce'Cile, Ms. Jade, and, on seven of the album's 12 tracks, British rapper Sway.

In 2013, Two Fingers composed the theme music for the BBC America/Space original series Orphan Black.[2]


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