Two Girls and a Guy

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Not to be confused with the TV series Two Guys and a Girl or the 1951 movie Two Gals and a Guy.
Two Girls and a Guy
Two Girls and a Guy VideoCover.png
Directed by James Toback
Produced by Daniel Bigel
Chris Hanley
Michael Mailer
Gretchen McGowan
Edward R. Pressman
Written by James Toback
Starring Robert Downey, Jr.
Heather Graham
Natasha Gregson Wagner
Cinematography Barry Markowitz
Edited by Alan Oxman
Distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures
Release dates
  • September 9, 1997 (1997-09-09)
Running time
84 min.
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1,000,000
Box office $2,057,193

Two Girls and a Guy is a 1997 American comedy-drama film written and directed by James Toback and produced by Edward R. Pressman and Chris Hanley. It stars Robert Downey, Jr., Heather Graham and Natasha Gregson Wagner.

The film is mainly based upon dialogue between the characters. It was shot almost entirely in real time, and within a single setting, leading some reviewers to compare the film to a stage play.[1]


The film is a harem comedy, which opens with Carla Bennett (Heather Graham) and Lou (Natasha Gregson Wagner) waiting in front of a New York building where their boyfriends live. In conversing, they find out Blake Allen (Robert Downey, Jr.) is their duplicitous boyfriend. In the first minutes of the film Blake is revealed to be a narcissistic actor, dating both of them on the side while claiming to visit his ill mother on the other days. The women wait for Blake inside his loft and confront him together. The remainder of the film takes place inside the loft, where Blake tries to talk his way out of trouble. In the end, both girls reveal that they have been unfaithful. Carla and Blake have sex, but Lou's suggestion of a threesome is rejected. His mother dies at the end of the film and Carla comforts him.



Two Girls and a Guy received mixed reviews from critics and holds a 52% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


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