Two Leaves and a Bud (Tea Company)

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two leaves and a bud
Industry Beverage
Founded 2005
Headquarters Basalt, Colorado
Products Teas & Herbal teas

Two Leaves and a Bud, formerly Two Leaves Tea Company, manufactures and distributes organic tea. Based in Basalt, Colorado, two leaves and a bud produces organic whole leaf tea that is packaged in pyramid-shaped sachets.[1]


Richard Rosenfeld founded Two Leaves and a Bud in the mid 2000s.[2] The company sources black, green, white, and herbal teas[citation needed] from tea growers in China, India,[2] Sri Lanka, and Japan.[citation needed]

Organic tea[edit]

Two leaves and a Bud produces whole leaf tea sachets and loose leaf teas that are certified USDA organic.[3]


During the 2012 North American Tea Championships, Two leaves and a Bud's Jasmine Petal tea took first place, and in the 2013 Championships, their Paisley Brand Organic Chai took second place.[3][4][5][6][7]


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