Two Left Feet (film)

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Two Left Feet
"Two Left Feet" (1963).jpg
Directed by Roy Ward Baker
Produced by Roy Ward Baker
Leslie Gilliat
Written by Roy Ward Baker
John Hopkins
Based on the novel In My Solitude by David Stuart Leslie
Starring Michael Crawford
Nyree Dawn Porter
Music by Philip Green
Cinematography Wilkie Cooper
Harry Gillam
Edited by Michael Hark
John Pomeroy
Roy Ward Baker Productions
Distributed by British Lion Film Corporation (UK)
Release date
March 1963
Running time
93 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Two Left Feet is a 1963 Comedy-drama film (British Lion) directed by Roy Ward Baker, starring Nyree Dawn Porter, Michael Crawford, David Hemmings and Julia Foster.


Based on David Stuart Leslie's novel, Two Left Feet is a story about Alan Crabbe (Michael Crawford) a callow youth desperate for a date with any girl who can offer him the experience he lacks. Every time Alan tries a manful stride into the jungle of sex, his two left feet turn the attempt into a trip-and-stumble. Then he meets Eileen (Nyree Dawn Porter), the new waitress at the corner cafe, and some sparks begin to fly.

Behind the scenes[edit]

At the time of its cinema release it was given an X Certificate [1] (and given a 15 Rating when released on video in 1994).

Baker's expectations were high, hoping to attract a wide popularity on the basis of the film being aimed at a young audience, with most the film's leading players being under 21 years of age, but his hopes were dashed because of difficulties obtaining a release - none of the actors at the time were stars, the film received an X Certificate, and it was eventually released on a poorly promoted Double bill, after a delay of two years being left on the shelf.[2]

The film was based on the 1960 novel In My Solitude by David Stuart Leslie.[3]

Tommy Bruce sang "Two Left Feet" to the opening credits of the film.[4] It also featured the song "Where Were You When I Needed You?" by Susan Maughan.


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