Two Lone Swordsmen

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Two Lone Swordsmen
Also known as Aramchek, Basic Units, The Black Balloons, Frisch Und Munter, Hidden Library, The Hold, Jnr Poon, Klart, Klunk, Lino Squares, Rude Solo
Origin London, England
Genres Post-punk, electronica, trip hop
Years active 1996–present
Labels Warp, RGC, Hidden Library
Associated acts Sabres of Paradise
Members Andrew Weatherall
Keith Tenniswood

Two Lone Swordsmen are an English electronic music duo, consisting of producers Andrew Weatherall and Keith Tenniswood. Formed in early 1996, following the dissolution of Weatherall's influential Sabres of Paradise, the Swordsmen released material on the label Emissions Audio Output, run by Weatherall. However, the small nature of the operation limited the duo's success and they subsequently signed to Warp Records, making them labelmates with acts such as Autechre and Boards of Canada, as well as setting up the Rotters Golf Club label for their more dancefloor-friendly output under various other guises.

In 2004 they released From the Double Gone Chapel, exhibiting more of a late 1970s dub and post punk sound than their previous work, influenced heavily by groups like PiL. It was released with the single Sex Beat, a cover of the popular Gun Club song. Their latest album, Wrong Meeting, was released in April 2007, with Wrong Meeting II following a month after. Set solidly in the dub rock vein they explored on From the Double Gone Chapel, the duo venture into sleazy country and LCD Soundsystem-style punk funk disco.



  • The Tenth Mission (Emissions Audio Output 1996)
  • Two Lone Swordsmen And A Being (Special Emissions 1996)
  • Stuka (Creation Records 1997) - as Primal Scream Meet The Two Lone Swordsmen
  • Nostik/Tall Lights (7" only) (C-Pij 1999)
  • Two Lone Swordsmen Receive Tactical Support (Warp 1999)
  • Further Reminders (7" only) (Warp 2001)
  • Sex Beat (Warp 2004)
  • Big Silver Shining Motor Of Sin E.P. (Warp 2004)


  • The Fifth Mission (Return to Flightpath Estate) (Emissions Audio Output 1996)
  • Swimming Not Skimming (Emissions Audio Output 1996)
  • Stockwell Steppas (Emissions Audio Output 1997)
  • A Bag Of Blue Sparks (Warp 1998)
  • Stay Down (Warp 1998)
  • A Virus With Shoes (Warp 1999)
  • Tiny Reminders (Warp 2000)
  • Locked Swords (Warp Records 2001)
  • From the Double Gone Chapel (Warp 2004)
  • Wrong Meeting (Rotters Golf Club 2007)
  • Wrong Meeting II (Rotters Golf Club 2007)


  • Further Reminders (Warp 2001)
  • Peppered With Spastic Magic - A Collection Of Two Lone Swordsmen Remixes (Rotters Golf Club 2003)
  • Emissions Audio Output - From The Archive Vol/01 (Rotters Golf Club 2006)

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