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Two Sides: The Very Best Of Mike Oldfield
Blue and pink bent triangular tubular bells on a background of a white/blue gradient space-scape. The words "Two Side The Very Best of Mike Oldfield" appear at the top centre.
Compilation album by
Released30 July 2012 (2012-07-30)
Recorded1972 – 2007
GenreProgressive rock, pop rock, new-age
ProducerMike Oldfield
Simon Phillips
Tom Newman
Trevor Horn
Karl Jenkins
Alan Shacklock
Geoffrey Downes
Mike Oldfield chronology
The Mike Oldfield Collection 1974–1983
Two Sides: The Very Best Of Mike Oldfield

Two Sides: The Very Best of Mike Oldfield is a compilation album by British multi-instrumentalist Mike Oldfield that was released on 30 July 2012 by Mercury Records.

Background and release[edit]

The content of the album was compiled by Oldfield himself. The album cover features two depictions of Oldfield's signature Tubular Bells logo, one in bright pink and the other in dark blue, on a blue night's sky background. It was released on the same day as a number of other Oldfield releases; QE2 and Platinum remasters, and a 6 CD boxed set.

The release came days after Oldfield's performance at the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony.[1] The exact version of Tubular Bells that Oldfield performed at the opening ceremony is not on this album, but is available on Isles of Wonder: Music for the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Additionally in August 2012 Universal and Indaba Music created a Tubular Bells remix contest, where users could download original stem recordings to create their own pieces. The winner of the $1000 prize was judged by Oldfield.[2]


The album charted at 6 in the UK Albums Chart on 5 August 2012.

Polish Albums Chart[3] 39
Spanish Albums Chart 38
UK Albums Chart[4] 6

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Mike Oldfield, except where noted.

Disc one[edit]

No.TitlePlace of OriginLength
1."Tubular Bells (Part One)" (Two Sides excerpt)Tubular Bells, 197313:30
2."Ommadawn (Part One)" (Two Sides excerpt)Ommadawn, 19756:48
3."Crises" (Two Sides excerpt)Crises, 198310:30
4."The Lake" (Two Sides excerpt)Discovery, 19845:30
5."Amarok (Part One)" (Two Sides excerpt)Amarok, 19905:05
6."Amarok (Part Two)" (Two Sides excerpt)Amarok15:17
7."Sentinel"Tubular Bells II, 19928:09
8."Supernova"The Songs of Distant Earth, 19943:24
9."Ascension"The Songs of Distant Earth5:51
10."The Tempest"Music of the Spheres, 20085:48

Disc two[edit]

No.TitlePlace of OriginLength
1."Guilty"Non-album single, 19794:15
2."Family Man" (with Maggie Reilly) (Oldfield, Tim Cross, Rick Fenn, Mike Frye, Maggie Reilly, Morris Pert)Five Miles Out3:48
3."Five Miles Out"Five Miles Out4:19
4."Moonlight Shadow" (with Maggie Reilly)Crises3:39
5."Shadow on the Wall" (with Roger Chapman)Crises3:10
6."To France" (with Maggie Reilly)Discovery4:41
7."Etude" (Francisco Tárrega)The Killing Fields, 19844:39
8."Magic Touch"Islands, 19874:17
9."Islands" (with Bonnie Tyler)Islands4:20
10."Heaven's Open"Heaven's Open, 19914:31
11."Tattoo"Tubular Bells II3:47
12."The Song of the Sun" (Bieito Romero)Voyager, 19964:34
13."Summit Day"Guitars, 19993:47
14."Lake Constance"The Millennium Bell, 19995:18
15."Broad Sunlit Uplands"The Millennium Bell4:05
16."The Doge's Palace"The Millennium Bell3:08
17."Amber Light"The Millennium Bell3:47
18."Angelique"Light + Shade, 20054:41
19."On My Heart" (with Hayley Westenra)Music of the Spheres2:28


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