Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy

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Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy
Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy.jpg
Studio album by
GenreOutsider music, spoken word, pop, country, novelty, filk
ProducerCharles R. Grean, George Aliceson Tipton
Leonard Nimoy chronology
Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space
Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy
The Way I Feel

Two Sides of Leonard Nimoy is Leonard Nimoy's second album released shortly after Music from Outer Space. It was released in early 1968 by Dot Records.


The album is a continuation of the "Spock and Space" sound he embarked on Nimoy's debut album. Side one showcases the side fans know as Mr. Spock but in a softer side, along with his struggle between being human and Vulcan. Side two represents Nimoy's interests in a variety of songs; novelty, pop, country and love songs.

Side one of this album is presented on the Varèse Sarabande Records 1995 reissue of Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock's Music from Outer Space.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars link

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Highly Illogical" (Charles R. Grean, Fred Hertz)
  2. "The Difference Between Us" (Cy Coben)
  3. "Once I Smiled" (Grean, Leonard Nimoy)
  4. "Spock Thoughts" (Grean, Max Ehrmann¹)
  5. "By Myself" (Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz)
  6. "Follow Your Star" (Grean, Hertz)
  7. "Amphibious Assault" (Grean, Mason Williams)

Side two[edit]

  1. "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" (Grean)
  2. "Cotton Candy" (Cliff Ralke)
  3. "Gentle on My Mind" (John Hartford)
  4. "Miranda" (Bart Howard)
  5. "If I Were A Carpenter" (Tim Hardin)
  6. "Love of the Common People" (John Hurley, Ronnie Wilkins)


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