Two Sleepy People

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"Two Sleepy People" is a song written on September 10, 1938 by Hoagy Carmichael with lyrics by Frank Loesser.

As well as being recorded by Carmichael himself, the song has been performed and recorded by a number of artists including Al Bowlly, Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis Jr., Art Garfunkel, Vince Jones, Dean Martin, Carmen McRae, Silje Nergaard, Jack Pleis, Carly Simon, Peter Skellern, Fats Waller, and a duet with Alice Babs and Ulrik Neumann and another duet by Seth MacFarlane and Norah Jones. It was also performed on the short-lived variety show with Twiggy, the former model, and Jeremy Brett, renowned for his role as Sherlock Holmes.

In 1939 the song was performed by Bob Hope and Shirley Ross in the film Thanks for the Memory.

It is often regarded as a companion piece to "Thanks for the Memory", written for the February 1938 film The Big Broadcast of 1938 by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger and also performed by Bob Hope and Shirley Ross.

The song tells of a young couple in love, who, despite being sleepy, do not wish to say goodnight, which implies a kind of parting. To solve the problem, the two get married, but nothing changes. They're still awake at dawn, because they love each other so much.