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Two Weeks
Two Weeks TV series-poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Written bySo Hyun-kyung
Directed by
  • Son Hyung-seok
  • Choi Jung-kyu
  • Oh Seok-joon
  • Jeon Jong-hyeok
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes16
Executive producerGo Dong-sun
ProducerKim Moon-soo
  • Choi Jung-gil
  • Oh Gyu-tae
EditorBaek Hae-gyeong
Production companyJS Pictures
DistributorMunhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Original networkMBC TV
Original releaseAugust 7 (2013-08-07) –
September 26, 2013 (2013-09-26)

Two Weeks (Korean투윅스; RRTuwikseu) is a 2013 South Korean television series starring Lee Joon-gi, Kim So-yeon, Ryu Soo-young, Park Ha-sun, Kim Hye-ok, Jo Min-ki and Lee Chae-mi.[1] It aired on MBC from August 7 to September 26, 2013 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes.[2][3]


Jang Tae-san is a small-time gangster who has learned to survive with his fist and wits. He meets and falls in love with a college student, Seo In-hye, who sees a good heart and wounded soul underneath his tough exterior.[4] When In-hye gets pregnant, Tae-san prepares to leave the gangster organization to start a life with her. But he is blackmailed by the gang boss, Moon Il-seok, who wants Tae-san to be his fall guy for an assault charge and go to prison in his place; Il-seok threatens to kill In-hye if Tae-san refuses. So Tae-san tells In-hye to get an abortion and cruelly breaks up with her, then goes off to prison for several years.

Eight years later, Tae-san is running a small pawnshop. One day, In-hye unexpectedly pays him a visit and tells him that she cut ties with her disapproving family and had the baby after all. But her daughter Soo-jin has been diagnosed with leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Since she isn't a match, that leaves Tae-san. Reeling from the discovery that he's a father and wanting to do something good for once in his meaningless life, Tae-san agrees to the undergo the surgery, which is scheduled to take place in two weeks. But he becomes embroiled in political intrigue when Il-seok conspires with a corrupt politician Jo Seo-hee to frame Tae-san for the murder of an undercover agent, who had infiltrated the gang under the orders of prosecutor Park Jae-kyung. Tae-san is arrested by detective Im Seung-woo, who happens to be In-hye's current fiancé. While being transported, the police car he's in gets into an accident and Tae-san escapes. Now a fugitive, he is hunted by both the police and an assassin, and what ensues is two weeks of his desperate struggle to save his life and his daughter's.



Orphaned at a young age when his father left and his mother committed suicide, Tae-san became a small-time gangster. After getting falsely accused of murder and learning that he has a daughter with leukemia, Tae-san spends the next two weeks in a life-or-death struggle to save himself and the girl.
A smart and warmhearted prosecutor who is determined to find out the truth about Jang Tae-san's murder case. She soon becomes convinced of his innocence and tries to help him.
A talented detective who comes from a long line of police officers in his family. He's leading the police manhunt for the fugitive Jang Tae-san, and is In-hye's current boyfriend.
She is the first love Tae-san can't forget, and unbeknownst to him, In-hye raised their daughter Soo-jin as a single mother for eight years. After Soo-jin's leukemia diagnosis, In-hye and Tae-san embark on a race against the clock to save their daughter's life.
A corrupt politician who earns her money through companies managed by Moon Il-suk.
A businessman with seemingly legit business interests, but is deep down a cruel and heartless man who will do everything to silence Jang Tae-san, who knows his secret.
In-hye and Tae-san's eight-year-old daughter who has leukemia. She also hopes of meeting her father someday.


A professional assassin who has served in the French Foreign Legion, who is hired by his father Il-seok to kill Tae-san before he's captured by the authorities.
  • Kim Hyo-seo – Park Ji-sook
Soo-jin's doctor.
Chief prosecutor.
A prosecutor. He is Jae-kyung's senior colleague, and a Daddy-Long-Legs figure to her.
  • Yeo Ui-joo – Kim Min-soo
  • Jung In-gi – Yang Taek-nam
  • Baek Seung-hoon – Kim Sang-ho
  • Ahn Yong-joon – Jin Il-do
Rookie cop.
A bar girl who was working undercover for Jae-kyung. She is murdered by Il-seok, and Tae-san is framed for her death.
  • Park Joo-hyung – Im Hyung-jin
  • Kim Bup-rae – Hwang Dae-joon
  • Kim Young-choon – Jang Seok-doo
  • Chun Ho-jin – Han Chi-gook
  • Ahn Se-ha – Go Man-seok
Tae-san's best friend.
Seo-hee's son that Jae-kyung flew to Chicago in search of.

Original soundtrack[edit]

Two weeks OST
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
LabelSony Music
Star Entry Entertainment

Part 1[edit]

Released on August 7, 2013 (2013-08-07)
1."Run" (운영)Neil2:58
2."Run" (Inst.) 2:58
Total length:6:02

Part 2[edit]

Released on August 14, 2013 (2013-08-14)
1."Love Leaves" (사랑의잎)Ahn Ye-seul4:24
2."Love Leaves" (Inst.) 4:24
Total length:8:28

Part 3[edit]

Released on August 21, 2013 (2013-08-21)
1."The Day You Come" (나가오는날)Yoo Seung-woo3:55
2."The Day You Come" (Inst.) 3:55
Total length:7:00

Part 4[edit]

Released on September 4, 2013 (2013-09-04)
1."Killing My Heart" (가슴을이다)Kim Bo-kyung4:10
2."Killing My Heart" (Inst.) 4:10
Total length:8:20

Part 5[edit]

Released on September 11, 2013 (2013-09-11)
1."This Is the Person" (이사럄이다)Dick Punks3:20
2."This Is the Person" (Inst.) 3:20
Total length:6:40

Part 6[edit]

Released on September 12, 2013 (2013-09-12)
1."Turning" (서노외)TOXIC2:59
2."Turning" (Inst.) 2:59
Total length:7:18

Part 7[edit]

Released on September 17, 2013 (2013-09-17)
1."Don't Cry My Love" (울지마사랑아)The One3:53
2."Don't Cry My Love" (Inst.) 3:53
Total length:7:06
Disc 2:
1."Two Weeks Title" (Opening Title)Various Artists0:47
2."Chase of Maze"Various Artists3:28
3."I'm Your Father"Various Artists3:46
4."Investigation"Various Artists1:35
5."Launch"Various Artists3:02
6."Misconception"Various Artists3:26
7."Mountain and Sun"Various Artists2:23
8."Plans"Various Artists2:30
9."Two Weeks Memories"Various Artists3:44
10."Two Weeks Memories (orchestra ver. )"Various Artists2:15
11."Two Weeks Memories (slow ver. )"Various Artists2:28
12."Two Weeks Memories (tension ver. )"Various Artists2:36
13."Dangerous Game"Various Artists2:35
14."Lost Memories"Various Artists2:45
15."Time"Various Artists2:30
16."Very Dangerous"Various Artists1:10
17."Who Is There?"Various Artists1:56


Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share
TNmS Ratings[13] AGB Nielsen[14]
Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area
1 August 7, 2013 7.6% 8.7% 7.5% 8.9%
2 August 8, 2013 7.7% 9.2% 8.0% 9.8%
3 August 14, 2013 10.3% 12.8% 10.0% 12.1%
4 August 15, 2013 8.8% 10.5% 9.2% 11.1%
5 August 21, 2013 8.6% 10.9% 8.1% 9.1%
6 August 22, 2013 9.2% 10.4% 10.1% 12.0%
7 August 28, 2013 8.5% 10.7% 9.4% 10.3%
8 August 29, 2013 9.0% 10.4% 11.5% 13.4%
9 September 4, 2013 9.8% 11.4% 9.5% 10.6%
10 September 5, 2013 9.9% 10.8% 9.9% 11.3%
11 September 11, 2013 9.4% 11.1% 9.5% 10.8%
12 September 12, 2013 9.4% 11.2% 11.0% 12.4%
13 September 18, 2013 8.3% 9.7% 8.7% 10.0%
14 September 19, 2013 8.6% 10.4% 8.8% 9.7%
15 September 25, 2013 9.3% 10.5% 9.4% 10.8%
16 September 26, 2013 10.4% 11.9% 11.0% 12.9%
Average 9.1% 10.7% 9.5% 11.0%

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result
2013 Top Excellence Award, Actor Lee Joon-gi Won
Excellence Award, Actress Kim So-yeon Won
Acting Award, Actor Chun Ho-jin Nominated
Best Writer So Hyun-kyung Won
Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Lee Joon-gi Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Kim So-yeon Nominated
Park Ha-sun Nominated
Golden Acting Award, Actor Jo Min-ki Nominated
2014 Most Popular Actor (TV) Lee Joon-gi Nominated
Most Popular Actress (TV) Park Ha-sun Nominated

International broadcast[edit]

It began airing in Japan on cable channel KNTV on December 27, 2013.[15]

It began airing in Thailand on digital television MONO29 on 2015.[16]

It began airing across in Southeast Asia on KIX on June 25, 2020 at 10 PM (GMT+8).


in 2019, Fuji Tv made Japanese adaption of series which Haruma Miura and Kyoko Yoshine in leading roles, it was last works of Miura before his death in 2020[17][18]


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