Two for Tina

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"Two for Tina"
Bob's Burgers episode
Episode no. Season 3
Series 39
Episode 17
Directed by Wes Archer
Written by Scott Jacobson
Production code 3ASA04
Original air date March 17, 2013
Guest actors
Episode chronology
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"It Snakes a Village"
Bob's Burgers (season 3)
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"Two for Tina" is the 17th episode of the third season of the animated comedy series Bob's Burgers and the overall 39th episode, and is written by Scott Jacobson and directed by Wes Archer.[1] It aired on Fox in the United States on March 17, 2013.


Tina asks Jimmy Jr to the Wagstaff school dance and he says maybe. On her way home she sees former love interest, Josh, and he asks Tina if she wants to go to his school dance. When Tina tells Jimmy Jr that Josh asked her to his school dance, he gets jealous and enlists the help of Lousie and Gene to make her choose him. She ultimately chooses Josh and attends his school dance with him. Jimmy shows up and engages in a dance-off for Tina. She realizes that she cannot choose between the two boys and tries to make it work between the three of them, but Jimmy and Josh are put off by this and Tina ends up alone.

In a separate storyline, Linda makes Bob chaperone the Wagstaff school dance with her to make up for the dances he never went to as a kid.


Rowan Kaiser of The A.V. Club gave the episode a A, saying “Two For Tina” continues Bob's Burgers' winning season, which it's accomplished largely by focusing on Tina. I was skeptical of Gene and Tina as focuses for episodes initially, and while I'm still not entirely certain how often Gene can carry an episode, I'm delighted that Bob's Burgers has blasted away my Tina-based skepticism. Episodes like this one, “Tina-rannosaurus Wrecks,” and “Broadcast Wagstaff School News” indicate that yes, Tina is a star. She can be the focus of the show's best episodes."[2] Dyanamaria Leifsson of TV Equals said "There wasn’t much that was surprising or particularly inventive about the plot lines in this week’s Bob’s Burgers, but the Belchers have always had a way of making the ordinary seem amusing, and they did just that in “Two for Tina.”[3]

The episode received a 1.7 rating and was watched by a total of 3.62 million people. This made it the third most watched show on Animation Domination that night, beating The Cleveland Show but losing to Family Guy.[4]