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Developer(s)Faraz Ali
Stable release
2.2 Final / August 2, 2004; 14 years ago (2004-08-02)
Preview release
4.0 Alpha [1]
Written inPHP
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeDevelopment Library

txtSQL (pronounced "text-sequel") is an object-oriented (OOP) flat-file database management system written in PHP. Working on ordinary text files with increased file-security, it offers support for a small subset of SQL and is extremely efficient in terms of execution time. txtSQL utilizes a file system similar to that of MySQL by employing the concept of tables and databases. Furthermore, it does not require any outside plugins just so that txtSQL can operate. There are two levels of operation for developmental purposes; a low-level implementation and a high-level implementation that supports SQL. txtSQL is an open source project licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


  • Quicker than most other flatfile database scripts (PHP).
  • One can use a small subset of the SQL language
  • An admin system similar to phpMyAdmin is included in the latest stable release (2.2).
  • Well documented code, with a detailed manual, so it's easy to install and use.
  • Extra software or outside plugins are not needed for txtSQL to function.
  • True SQL syntax is being developed and will be included in next release (4.0).

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