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Tŷ Nant /ˌt ˈnænt/ is a natural spring mineral water from Ceredigion Wales, launched in 1989. Tŷ Nant translates into English as "House by the Stream" (Tŷ=House and Nant=Stream). The company's uses cobalt glass bottles. The company also sells water in crimson bottles.


The water was discovered by Geoff and Gwenllian Lockwood who dug the first well after being told by a water dowser hired to restore a water supply to their stone farmhouse near Bethania amid the hills of coastal Ceredigion in West Wales. The water was officially launched in 1989. [1]


Tŷ Nant is exported to more than 30 countries and is Britain's top bottled water, ranked by value of sales.[citation needed] It is classed as a premium water with prices in the United Kingdom of £1.39 for a 0.75 litre bottle.

A new bottling plant, now at source, was constructed and began bottling in December 1996. This state-of-the-art, 45,000 square feet (4,200 m2) of purpose-built factory, warehouse and office space is sited directly above the original borehole from which water was first drawn in 1976.

Bottle design[edit]

The bottle was created by designer Robin Sheppard, and it has been noted by some that the bottle's shape could have been inspired by Perrier. Shortly after its launch the blue bottle won the British Glass "First Glass" Award for Design Excellence.

In 1999 Tŷ Nant launched, in addition to the established blue bottle, Tŷ Nant Too, a crimson coloured bottle. March 2003 saw Tŷ Nant bringing contemporary, stylish design into the "clear glass" sector of the bottled water market with the launch of TAU (ancient Welsh for 'to be silent'). The bottle was created by Welsh-born designer Ross Lovegrove.

Current ownership[edit]

Tŷ Nant was bought out in 1992 by its Italian distributor, Pietro Biscaldi Luigi Export-Import.

Mineral composition[edit]


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