Tyger River

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Tyger River
The Tyger River is part of the Santee River Basin.
CountryUnited States
StateSouth Carolina
CountiesSpartanburg, Union, Newberry
Physical characteristics
 • locationNear Woodruff, South Carolina
 • location
Broad River, Near Blythewood, South Carolina
 • coordinates
34.495038, -81.423987
Basin size807.9 mi²
 • average50 ft
 • average3 ft
 • locationBroad River, Near Blythewood, South Carolina
Basin features
River systemSantee
 • leftJimmies Creek
 • rightTinker Creek, Fairforest Creek, Dutchman Creek

The Tyger River is a stream in the U.S. state of South Carolina, and a tributary of the Broad River.[1] It is part of the Santee River Basin. It is a generally shallow and narrow river. Pollution in the north fork was the source of dispute in Friends of the Earth, Inc. v. Laidlaw Environmental Services, Inc.


There are several theories to how the river got its name. A local legend says the river got its name for its "tiger-like" current.[2] Another legend states that it was named after a french explorer named Tygert. One legend states that a wild cat and bear fought on the riverbank, with the wild cat winning. The Cherokee called the river Amoyescheck.[3]

According to the Geographic Names Information System, variant names for the river are:

A Moyes Chek

Tiger River

Tygar River


The Tyger River starts as three forks in Spartanburg County, in upstate South Carolina, the north, middle, and south Tyger Rivers. The rivers flow generally southeastward until joining near Woodruff. The river continues flowing southeast until becoming the border for Union and Newberry Counties, while flowing 26 miles through Sumter National Forest. The river continues until joining the Broad River north of the Parr Reservoir. This point is the tri-point between Newberry, Union, and Laurens Counties.[3]

Via the Broad River, the Tyger River is part of the Santee River Basin.


Spartanburg County[edit]

SC 14 - Crosses South River

SC 357 - Crosses South and Middle forks

SC 290 (E Poinsett Street Extension) - Crosses South Fork

I-85 - Crosses all 3 forks

SC 296 (Reidville Road)

SC 417

US 221 - Crosses North and South Forks


SC 56

Union County[edit]

SC 49 (Cross Keys Hwy)

US 176 (Whitmire Hwy)

SC 72 (Carsile Whitmire Hwy)

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Coordinates: 34°29′43″N 81°25′26″W / 34.49528°N 81.42389°W / 34.49528; -81.42389