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An aerial view of the Tygerberg hills and the suburbs of Panorama and Welgemoed surrounding the hill, with the N1 highway being clearly visible in this photograph.
An aerial view of the Tygerberg hills and the suburbs of Panorama and Welgemoed surrounding the hill, with the N1 highway being clearly visible in this photograph.
Tygerberg is located in Western Cape
 Tygerberg shown within Western Cape
Location within Cape Town
Tygerberg is located in Cape Town
Tygerberg is located in South Africa
Tygerberg (South Africa)
Tygerberg is located in Africa
Tygerberg (Africa)
Coordinates: 33°51′16″S 18°35′3″E / 33.85444°S 18.58417°E / -33.85444; 18.58417Coordinates: 33°51′16″S 18°35′3″E / 33.85444°S 18.58417°E / -33.85444; 18.58417
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceWestern Cape
MunicipalityCity of Cape Town
Time zoneUTC+2 (SAST)
PO box7505

Tygerberg is a district in the northern suburbs of Cape Town in South Africa. It is also the name of the range of hills in the area.The main Tygerberg farms were Pampoenkraal (became Durbanville),Stellenburgh (became part of Bellville), Evertsdal (today Bellville),De Grendel (today Parow) Lebenstijn (part of Bellville), Blommensteijn (incorporated into Bellville), Door de Kraal (incorporated into Bellville), Vissershok (no farming anymore as it became a quarry with mining activities) and Clara Anna Fontein. [1]

Hendrik Olivier (b. 1652, d. 1701) a Dutch immigrant, was awarded the farm Clara Anna Fontein in 1692.The farm was originally called "Uitkamp".[2] This was one of the first farms that were allocated in the late 17th century by the Governor of the Cape. Hendrik married Beatrix Gysberta Verwey (b. 1655, d.1741). After Hendrik died in 1701 Beatrix inherited the farm. In 1722 she sold the farm to Michael Africanus Heyns (b.1697). Heyns was married to Beatrix late husband’s niece. After Heyns death in 1735, Aletta married again and her husband Matthias Zondagh (b.1701, d 1750) became the new owner of Aletta’s inherited farm. In 1744 Zondagh sold the farm to Henning Joachim Prehn (b.1699, d 1771). Prehn a Dutch immigrant decided to go back to the Netherlands and sold it in 1750 to Eduard Mostert (b.1721). The original owners wanted the farm back and in 1751 Beatrix Olivier (Daughter of Hendrik and Beatrix) bought her father’s farm back. Her son Barend van der Westhuizen (b.1737) farmed on his inheritance until his death. His descendants sold it to Johannes Jacobus Uys (b.1761, d.1837) After Uys descendants the farm changed hands too: BF Duminy (in 1876) and to JR Maclay (in 1900). After Mclay’s death in 1932 it ended up in the hands of the Louw family, with the current owner Albert Ford Matthys Louw Trust. [3]No verifiable explanation for the name of the farm has been found yet. Genealogical evidence also doesn’t indicate that it was named after Hendrik and Beatrix's children.[4]Mixed farming activities were practised through the years. Sheep and cattle farming exist. Later vineyards were laid out. The farm had renosterveld on it.[5]Like many of the Tygerberg farms; farms were sold due to the need for residential development, because of the increase in population. These farms became part of the urban areas. Clara Anna Fontein fell just outside the urban area of Durbanville. In the later years up to 2000 a game farm was run on the Clara Anna Fontein. The farm was a well known landmark in the Tygerberg valley.[6] In 2001, the current owners, the AFM Louw trust wanted to develop residential houses, a retirement village and a school on the farm. This would mean that the farm will fall under the jurisdiction of Durbanville.Clara Anna Fontein consist of two parts. The top part of the farm would not be part of the development and game will still be held in small quantities. Complaints were received by the City of Cape Town after it approved the development; and then by the Provincial Minister on Environmental Affairs and Development Planning after he rejected the appeal of the applicants. There were three concerns: 1. The Development is outside the urban edge, 2. It is land with agricultural potential and 3. The existing natural Wetlands would be polluted or damaged by development. A final court case ( Number: 13854/2013, in the high court of South Africa, Western Cape division) followed and it ended on 24 December 2017, when Judge J Davies ruled that the development may continue.The judge felt that the reports that the City of Cape Town and the Provincial Minister used to base the decisions on were adequate. He also referred to similar previous recorded court cases. The farm manor house and spring needed to be reserved as heritage. This ended the 17 year long dispute.[7][8][9]

Clara Anna Fontein 2018

Tygerberg is host to the Tygerberg Hospital.[10] The hospital is the centre for the Medicine and Health Sciences faculty of Stellenbosch University. (Afrikaans: Universiteit Stellenbosch)[11]

The Parow satellite campus of the German International School Cape Town, in proximity to Tygerberg, serves German-speaking students up to grade 4.[12]


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