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Industry Telecommunications
Area served
Key people
Ralph Eric Kunz (Cofounder, Chairman), Thorsten Trapp (Cofounder, CTO), Jochen Dose (CEO)
Number of employees
Website www.tyntec.com

Tyntec is a global mobile messaging operator and cloud communications provider founded on the Isle of Man. Its main offices are in Munich and Dortmund, Germany. It operates offices in London, Singapore, San Francisco and on the Isle of Man. Its core competency is to enable the easy integration of three key telco services: SMS, voice and mobile numbers.[1]


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Tyntec was founded by entrepreneurs Dr. Ralph Eric Kunz and Thorsten Trapp in 2002.[2]


In June 2008, Tyntec received a non-disclosed investment sum from HarbourVest, an independent global alternative investment firm. In December 2010, Tyntec received further investment from Iris Capital, a pan-European growth fund specializing in technology, media and telecommunications.[3]


Tyntec has built and developed a scalable proprietary patent-protected technology infrastructure that is installed at the operator level, which gives it direct operator-level connectivity to the GSM network.

The signal routing and delivery platform, housed in the technical operations center in Dortmund, is the core of Tyntec's messaging platform. It is designed to be scalable and to handle high volumes of traffic without service degradation. It also provides several interfaces, which are available across all networks.

Tyntec's direct access into the global mobile network through its agreements with operators means that the company can directly reach the subscribers' handset. This is particularly important in crisis situations when networks are often overloaded or go down.[4]


In 2010, Tyntec was awarded the Red Herring (magazine) 100 Europe Award. In 2011 it was awarded the Red Herring (magazine) Global 100 Award for its tt.One solution. In the same year it also won the Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award.[5]


Competitors are Clickatell, Ericsson IPX, Infobip, Sybase with Sybase 365, mBlox, Netsize, Twilio

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