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TypeCon is the annual grassroots, typography-focused convention run by the non-profit Society of Typographic Aficionados. The content of TypeCon conferences focuses on — but is not limited to — the areas of typography, type design, printing, letterpress, calligraphy, the book arts, publishing, design education, and type-related technologies including webfonts.

Since the inaugural conference in 1998, TypeCon has explored type for the screen, printing history, Dutch design, type in motion, Arabic calligraphy, non-Latin scripts, the American Arts and Crafts movement, experimental typography, type design technologies, webfonts, and much more. Special events include the Type & Design Education Forum, hands-on workshops, and gallery exhibitions of international type and design.

The convention is held in a different North American host city each year.

Upcoming Conferences[edit]

  • TypeCon2017 — Boston, MA

Past Conferences[edit]

  • TypeCon2016: Resound — Seattle, WA
  • TypeCon2015: Condensed — Denver, CO
  • TypeCon2014: Capitolized — Washington, DC
  • TypeCon2013: Portl& — Portland, OR
  • TypeCon2012: MKE Shift — Milwaukee, WI
  • TypeCon2011: Surge — New Orleans, LA
  • TypeCon2010: Babel — Los Angeles, CA
  • TypeCon2009: Rhythm — Atlanta, GA
  • TypeCon2008: Punkt — Buffalo, NY
  • TypeCon2007: Letter Space — Seattle, WA
  • TypeCon2006: The Boston T Party — Boston, MA
  • TypeCon2005: Alphabet City — New York, NY
  • TypeCon2004: Type High — San Francisco, CA
  • TypeCon2003: Counter Culture — Minneapolis, MN
  • TypeCon2002: The Medium and the Message — Toronto, ON
  • TypeCon2001: <R>evolution — Rochester, NY
  • TypeCon2000 — Westborough, MA
  • TypeCon1998 — Westborough, MA

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