Type 051C destroyer

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CNS Shijiazhuang (DDG-116).jpg
PLANS Shijiazhuang (DDG-116)
Class overview
Builders: Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company
Operators:  People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force
Preceded by: Type 052B Luyang I class
Succeeded by: Type 052C Luyang II class
In service: October 2006
Completed: 2
Active: 2
General characteristics
Displacement: 7,100 tons
Length: 155 metres (508.5 feet)
Beam: 17 metres (55.8 feet)
Draught: 6 metres (19.7 feet)
Propulsion: 2 indigenous steam turbines
Speed: 30 knots
Aircraft carried: Kamov Ka-28 Helix size Helicopter
Aviation facilities: No hangar

The Type 051C or Luzhou class destroyer is a long-range air-defence guided missile destroyer built by China in its ongoing effort to create a true blue water navy. The ship uses the hull design of the older Type 051B (Luhai class), but is equipped with the advanced Russian S-300FM air defence missiles systems. Currently, two ships of this class have been launched and deployed by People's Liberation Army Navy North Sea Fleet.


The construction of the Luzhou class destroyer at of the China’s northern Dalian Shipyard was revealed in 2004 with the help of Internet photographs. A disadvantage of the Type 051C is that it lacks the stealthier radar cross-section found on the newer Chinese warships. The ship also possesses less advanced steam turbine propulsion compared to gas turbine propulsion present in all newer Chinese destroyers. Type 051C is a stop gap measure to provide long range area air defense to the fleet by mating the mature hull design with proven SAM system that is more capable than that of Type 052B destroyer. Production of this class stopped once more advanced Type 052C destroyer becomes available.


The Luzhou class uses the advanced Russian S-300FM air defence missile system with track-via-missile homing guided by a single Tombstone radar. The missile has a maximum range of 150 km and an operating altitude of 10 m - 27 km.

The anti-ship abilities possessed by the Luzhou class includes 8 indigenous YJ-83 (C-803) Anti-ship missiles. This anti-ship missile has a range of 150+ km and approaches its target in sea skimming mode at a speed of Mach 1.5. As a secondary role, the missile can also be used against land targets.


The ship uses two Type 730 CIWS guns for air defence. The Type 730 is a highly effective CIWS that is also installed on the Type 052B (Guangzhou class) and Type 052C/052D destroyers, and the Type 054A (Jiangkai II class) frigates. The ship also has 100 mm gun based on a French design for use against surface targets.


The ship is powered by two indigenous steam turbine engines.

Ships of Class[edit]

Number Pennant number Name Builder Launched Commissioned Fleet Status
1 115 沈阳 / Shenyang Dalian 28 December 2004 1 January 2006 North Sea Fleet Active
2 116 石家庄 / Shijiazhuang Dalian 26 July 2005 22 January 2007 North Sea Fleet Active


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