Type 072III landing ship

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Type 072III landing ship
Class overview
BuildersHudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding
Operators People's Liberation Army Navy
Preceded byType 072II
Succeeded byType 072A
General characteristics
TypeLanding Ship, Tank
Displacement7,000 tonnes[1]
Length119.5 m (392 ft)
Beam16.4 m (54 ft)
Draft2.8 m (9 ft 2 in)
Installed power2 × 12PA6V-280MPC diesel at 7,080 kW (9,490 hp)
Speed18 knots (33 km/h; 21 mph)
Range3,000 nmi (5,600 km; 3,500 mi) at 14 knots (26 km/h; 16 mph)
  • 10 × tanks or
  • 500 tons of cargo or
  • 250 fully equipped troops
Armament3 × H/PJ76F twin 37mm
Aviation facilitieshelicopter platform

The Type 072III landing ship (NATO designation Yuting-I class) is the follow-on of the Type 072II landing ships initially introduced in the 1990s by the People's Republic of China. Type 072-III features a redesigned concealed bridge, and possibly enhanced sealift capability. The main difference between Type 072III and its predecessor Type 072II is that Type 072III incorporates a helicopter platform at stern (no hangar). A total of eleven ships have entered service with People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), and all of them were built by China Shipbuilding Shipyard (中华造船厂) in Shanghai. 6 Type 072III are deployed in PLAN South Sea Fleet (SSF), and the remaining are deployed in PLAN East Sea Fleet (ESF).

Ships of the class[edit]

Number Pennant Number Name Builder Launched Commissioned Fleet Status
1 991 峨眉山 / Emei Shan Zhonghua September 1992 South Sea Fleet Active
2 934 丹霞山 / Danxia Shan Zhonghua September 1995 South Sea Fleet Active
3 935 雪峰山 / Xuefeng Shan Zhonghua December 1995 South Sea Fleet Active
4 936 海洋山 / Haiyang Shan Zhonghua May 1996 South Sea Fleet Active
5 937 青城山 / Qingcheng Shan Zhonghua August 1996 South Sea Fleet Active
6 938 呂梁山 / Luliang Shan Zhonghua August 1996 South Sea Fleet Active
7 908 雁荡山 / Yandang Shan Zhonghua January 1997 East Sea Fleet Active
8 909 九华山 / Jiuhua Shan Zhonghua April 2000 East Sea Fleet Active
9 939 普陀山 / Putuo Shan Zhonghua August 2000 East Sea Fleet Active
10 910 黄岗山 / Huanggang Shan Zhonghua December 2001 East Sea Fleet Active
11 940 天台山 / Tiantai Shan Zhonghua April 2002 East Sea Fleet Active

Possible railgun testing[edit]

In February 2018, images were released via electronic media of Haiyang Shan (936). the fourth ship of the class, with what appeared to be a railgun mounted on the ship's bow.[2] Later reports confirmed it was rail-gun being used for dock-side testing. The Chinese have since made a "break-through" in power-generation and are now planning for sea-trials.[3]

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