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Class overview
Name: Type 095
Operators: People's Liberation Army Navy Submarine Force
Preceded by: Type 093
In service: 2015 (est.)[1][2]
Planned: 5[3]
General characteristics
Type: Attack submarine
Installed power: Nuclear reactor
Range: Unlimited
Armament: Torpedoes, cruise missiles, anti-ship missiles, anti-submarine missiles, mines

The Type 095 (Chinese designation: 09-V) is a proposed class of third generation nuclear-powered attack submarines for the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) of China.

It is anticipated that Type 095 submarines will have a substantially reduced acoustic signature, within an improved hull type.[3][4][5] Compared to the Type 093, the Type 095 will have a more advanced nuclear reactor, VLS tubes and greater number of advanced sensors such as new active/passive flank array sonar and low and high frequency towed sonar array. Additionally, it is also speculated that Type 095 submarines may act as a potential undersea escort for any future PLAN aircraft carrier task forces.[3]

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